Golf Tip To Hit Longer Drives – Simple Golf Core Exercises

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3 Minutes A Day For 30 Yards!

Watch this simple exercises like these to strengthen your core area.

Mike Pedersen, Golf Exercise trainer shows you how this golf tip to hit longer golf drives with a power golf swing rotation exercise and method will strengthen your core golf muscles for more speed, power and distance. Do it right in your own home for better golf.

Rotational strength and flexibility is a very effective approach to longer drives. Since the main motion in the golf swing is rotational, training your golf muscles specific to this rotation is a must.

This simple golf exercise is one of many from my instantly downloadable 3 Minutes For 30 Days Golf Swing Training ebook.

You can learn more at:

3 Minutes A Day For 30 Yards!


LG Discovery says:

Hi Mike great exercises  but i really would like to order some of your material i live in Canada

Daryl Messenger says:

Hi Mike. Are those 5 or 10 lb dumb bells? Thanks.

Otto Mang says:

Das ist es was ich schon lange suchte ; das sind DIE  richtigen Übungen ; es ist das Beste das ich je sah

Allen Burdett says:

i cannot seem to contact you. i want to order the connection aid from canada. please advise.

Derek Simpson says:

is the feet together a good or bad practice drill

1amerkin says:

Thanks Mike,love your video's.

Patrick Beintema says:

Wauw, great excersise Mike. Simple but so effective! Thanks a lot.

Perform Better Golf says:

@arantxa006 Hey…I appreciate the kind words. Thanks!

Perform Better Golf says:

Yeah…it's very golf specific and you don't need expensive equipment to do it.

unclePTM says:

thanks, looks good, will give it a try!

Perform Better Golf says:

Thank you kind sir!

Perform Better Golf says:

Thanks! These very simple exercises can be done in minutes and EVERY golfer should do them, but unfortunately getting a golfer to do any "physical" work is nearly impossible.

LearningGolfChannel a says:

very nice tip. I'll do it every day

Perform Better Golf says:

Thank you! I couldn't agree more!

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