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Golf Tips►Short Game Secrets No One Else Knows►Top Golf Lessons by a Veteran Tour Pro

Gravity Golf has unveiled a 32 week “Collegiate Preparatory Academy” in Orlando, Florida at Orange County National.

All the students in the GGCPA will receive:

64 Lessons (90 minutes bi-weekly)
Course Membership at Orange County National (Practice and Playing Privileges)
Monthly Tournaments

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ed woodall says:

Hi Guys. I have tried this and of course it works really well. ( Still not quite ready to go for it in putting yet..) I have tried mixing Danny's recommendation in chipping to be conscious of bringing my R hip back and forwards as the clubhead is going into transition. ( Video: Pre-set. I think I have interpreted it right). Anyway the mix of them ( Spine preset and the movement from Danny's video with the R hip) is very powerful; and as yet in practice I feel that the ball tends to go much further than I think its going to! So, a thought… Does that mixture work in the full shot. Logically it should. I am at the beginning of trying to make it work. What it does it actually give me that feeling of my hips getting further forward sooner in the transition than I imagine is going to be good for me but it is the same feeling I get when doing the Gravity drills, so I guess I am on the right track. I realise that I have sort of answered my own question, but some thoughts from you guys would be great or maybe its just something that other gravity golfers might like to report back on. Viva Gravity Golf/.

roger king says:

does this work on full swings?

John Clark says:

David Lee, genius. is that guy's grip a TAD strong??

23 23 says:

I love this guys joy when he says IT WORKS
Going to the practice ground to try this.
So is the feeling to lengthen spine or have head compress spine to get rid of vertical slack

RollYourRock says:

Great stuff David – THANK YOU !!

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