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Golf Tips ►Secrets to Golf Swing Explained ►How to Swing like a Tour Pro our Pro ► Golf Tips

Gravity Golf has unveiled a 32 week “Collegiate Preparatory Academy” in Orlando, Florida at Orange County National.

All the students in the GGCPA will receive:

64 Lessons (90 minutes bi-weekly)
Course Membership at Orange County National (Practice and Playing Privileges)
Monthly Tournaments

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Ben Hulgan says:

When you aim at the green are you square at the target?

John Clark says:

Light years ahead. do the you mind,change your life.

madesteve1 says:

this is the best golf video I've seen. being a self taught golfer, it's great to hear the stories of the moment of breakthroughs in our golf journey of discovery. it's helped me enormously. I was hellbent on getting as close to hogans swing with endless effort watching videos etc…the gravity swing principle of counteracting both centrifugal pull and using gravity from the top has transformed my golf and I am very grateful to gravity golf. it's true it's sometimes very hard to see! everything this great coach says is spot on and works even if you have a shallow plane swing.

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