Guaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your ScoreGuaranteed to Cut 7 Strokes from Your Score

Have you ever gone to play a round of golf and the first hole the wind is
straight into you, the next two holes it’s blowing out of the right,
the next two holes it’s from the left, then four holes in a row
straight back into the wind, and then it gets worse?

The next three holes it’s blowing harder from the left. Then you get the
shortest hole in the golf course downwind. And then, of course, you
know the rest of the story, the next three holes, the longest holes in
the golf course, dead into the teeth of it.

Well, those are tough driving days and you have to be prepared to react to
it, because the wind isn’t going to stop just for you.

And when you’re playing well, I know you’re going to laugh, but it seems
like every hole’s downwind. And when you’re playing difficult, it seems
like every one of them is into a gale.

Remember this about tough driving days, this driver is not always the answer.
How many times have you driven the golf ball 50 yards left of the
fairway and only wished that you would have hit 6 iron off of the tee
to get a better golf swing?

I’m not advocating that into the wind. However, the flatter the face on the
golf club, the more the golf ball’s going to curve and the better your
golf swing will be. And the windier it is, it exaggerates the curve if
it’s going in the direction of the wind. So, this isn’t always the

I have a 1 iron that I love, and I have driven with it many times on
windy days, even into the wind, because it was important to find the
golf ball in the fairway and not out of bounds.

So, don’t forget this is not the answer on rugged days. This is the answer
when you’re driving the ball well.

When you’re not, it might be a 3 wood. Don’t give into the driver.

Thanks and have a great day.