Golf Tips, Driving Range

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Harry Alexander gives some tips on driving the ball. For more information please visit


Aviation is Beast says:

2:50 big airplane fly's over

Marcusof sillypoor says:

Wish you set up a camera directly in front of you to show the position of your right and left foot…

wiredsk8r says:

need to play every day to get better

ghost host says:

who et this geezer give the tutorial hes so boring

campdry says:

how much does those mats at the driving range cost?

Anton Antonovich says:

Why is there so many videos on how to hit the ball with the driver? I find the driver easy to use but struggle with irons and wedges :/

Anton Antonovich says:

lol @ 4:49 I thought the drive had caused a thunderstorm (then realised it was the ball machine)

cashmab says:

The birds are loud!

xXxBLINGO07xXx says:

I came here for swing but no tips.. do u start the power when the club is fully extended behind head or when its shoulder height?

shredx81 says:

Yep. I've seen two videos on playing the ball when it iss below your feet. One respected teaching pro recommends having your weight forward (this is how I would intuitively play this shot).
A related Butch Harmon lesson recommends weight back & on the heels.
It's difficult to trust golfing instruction when things are this misleading.
I think it's about identifying the principles that are common to all of the lessons.

Steff Evs says:

Yeah, but…'s a sport really.

Unwavering Canadian says:

You have to work on your posture when you're at the driving range. Golf shoes, the mats, and unlevel surfaces will all throw off your height relative to the ball. Remember to bend at the hips to find the ground plane. You'll learn where to hit a ball regardless of ball height. Soon enough, you'll be saying 'Perfect, The Videojug Way!'

shredx81 says:

I find the driving range really unhelpful nowadays, especially with my irons. It actually hinders my game. The mats don't represent the true lie of the fairway & you tend to lash at the ball.
You hit more balls in succession than you ever do on the course & it makes you tired & complacent. I go away from the driving range with the muscle memory of how not to address & strike the golf ball & those negative swing thoughts usually carry through to my next round.

yescharliesurfs says:

Well… Not really…

Zulfadhli Rahman says:

I do agree artificial turf dont really help your iron..

David Breslow says:

Sport, science and challenging!

want to play it better?
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clive keeling says:

look at the way his left wrist hinges into the top right at the descension of the upswing, into the downswing part of the impact area and shuffles of the eldge.


First tip, don't hit off artificial turf. Ok for drivers but terrible for iron practice.

Melissa Leigh says:

Kinetic Energy…part of science 🙂

Brady Anderson says:

Gmen pg, you are probably lifting your head too early. Happens to me as well

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