Golf Tips tv: Drive it in the fairway every time

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Kenton Mckitterick says:

That was a full swing!

jovan cinco says:

ood advice, as on a good day I'm unbeatable with my drives just not that consistent, so shortening my  driving swing would certainly improve consistency of hitting the ball and keeping it on the fairway. What are your thoughts though about my using my hybrid 3 iron when my driver swing escapes me, it's only about 20 to 40 yards difference if only to keep on the fairway and not out of bounce.  Thanks.

Lucas Durr says:

Awesome videos DM – thanks alot – every time I watch one I feel like my game improves a little more just mentally, which as we know in golf is the majority of the game

Michael Timbs says:

'So if we work on that premises'….comedy genius.

George Liatis says:

in yor demo the backswing is pretty big

Patrick Kaa says:

I reckon thats what happened to me today, my backswing has become too long so will try to shorten it in the next couple of weeks!

R3dbullSalzburg says:

im trying this for months. but just cant keep my backswing short… still sometimes good accuracy though

Rob Simpson says:

thanks dave 🙂 your canadian fan club 😉

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