Golfing Tips : How to Improve Golf Swing Technique

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To improve your golf swing technique, the Circle on a Point exercise and the Wrist Cock exercise will definitely help. Try these exercises to improve your golf swing technique from a director of golf operations in this free video on golf swings.

Expert: Johnny Miles
Bio: Johnny Miles is the director of golf operations at Lake Powell National Golf Course in Arizona.
Filmmaker: Mike Phillips

Series Description: Golfing can be a great deal of fun when you can play consistently well. Use these golfing tips to improve your game from a director of golf operations in this free video on golfing.


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Andrew Gladstone says:

Really good tips that I can relate to, really enjoyed them where can I see some more ?

Dominik Borilović says:

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dale rustigan says:

Great teacher

jamesduh1945 says:

Hi great video. I know this swing works. this is from the book "Understanding the golf swing" by Manuel de la Torre. also has a DVD. basic is "swing club back with hands and fwd with the arms. the arms are defined as from the shoulder joint to elbow. This swing works on chip, pitch and the full swing. just love it. made playing golf a pleasure.
Johnny Miles, did you train with Manuel?

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