Hank Haney Golf Tip – Correct Grip

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Hank Haney goes through a step by step process that will have your hands on the club the correct way every time. Visit http://www.hankhaney.com for all the latest. Subscribe now!!!


Dominic Giudici says:

Is it possible that the hands can be too unified on the grip? I believe alot in the basics and to me, it looked like my right hand was too far up on the shaft. (my right hand lifeline was more on my left thumb pad, and not so much on the thumb). I moved my right hand down more on top of my thumb and I was hitting these great penetrating shots and was more on balance at finish….

swingtrade2 says:

@shavedhead78 in the past 20 years the average handicap has gone from 15.6 to 15.3.
all the tech, video, therioes, and no one geats better.
haney has 7 levels of insructors! level 2 is better then 6, why? just get to look at someone older? what a joke.

Terry .W says:

1, most of the top 100 teachers can't break 80. 2, people who play golf really really well don't know how to explain technique. they just instinctively play well, and can only relate what they feel which usually isn't what is really happening. jim mclean proved this when examining ben hogans five lessons. and 3, doing what feels comfortable isn't always the best advice.

stephen k says:

@SHANEB731 But, I give tips to whoever wants them. But, I'll only identify SERIOUS problems like a happy left foot or other simple and small incremental changes. The most important tip you can give is whatever you change in your swing, make them small once you learn to hit the ball. KEEP YOUR SWING!

stephen k says:

@SHANEB731 I'm just coming into to single digit handicap. I was mid to high teens last year, even though I broke 80 for the first time (at the end of the season). The grip tip I got from Hank, simplly by relating a story of one of the first things he told Tiger to change. Move the top of the club a bit more into the palm. You have more control and more powerful strikes. I hit the ball tour length and my consistency is rounding right now. Can't wait till I get my scratch card.

roomfullofidiots says:

hmmm…every great golfer and trainer says the grip is really important…i just started playing, i wonder if i should take haney's tip or yours….i'm taking your tip!!! hank who!?

jac007que says:

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