How to Build a Proper Golf Backswing Like Tiger Woods – Free Golf Lesson Video!

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Close Watch this entire golf instruction video by clicking the link at the beginning of the description. This is one of the most important golf instruction videos you will ever find to developing a perfect backswing that is biomechanically correct and built of the fewest moving parts possible. Rotary Swing Tour is the most scientifically advanced swing in the world and now you can learn it online like our 20,000+ members.


m47131 says:

Too much detail for me. I found the last minute and a half of the 9 minute video most useful. Sorry for criticizing but I think your instruction would be almost perfect if you could simplify and quickly get to the point.

cota0429 says:

You have any videos on keeping the right foot more stable on the downswing?

ChangHun Choi says:

Hi this is Choi from Korea. 
This is fantastic video! I've been trying to change my back swing since I started. My practice swing has improved a lot but my real swing wasn't!! but because of you I can improve my golf swing a lot!!! Thank you very much and I'm planning to visit U.S soon so if you don't mind could you tell me where you teach (states and golf club) I am really impressed by your teaching! 
Thanks a lot anyway I won't forget your lesson. 

Regards!! Man!!

gary turner says:

best explained backswing I have ever seen, it explains so much of what I have been doing wrong. cheers Gary

glock35ipsc says:

Does Chuck ever get back to Colorado to teach?

harabas1 says:

Awesome video!  Just a question, you have more than 200 videos in You Tube.  Are they the same video I will see in your website once I become a member?

jabooky15 says:

seriously amazing video, i always struggled with keeping my arms connected to my body which would for some reason would restrict my shoulder turn but after doing this just a couple times i have a much better feeling, thank you im definately gonna work on this everyday!!!!!!! Golf Instruction says:

Great. We all look forward to seeing you around much more going forward. We will talk to you soon. ~Clay Ballard (Rotary Swing Instructor)

saintsx25xx says:

Thanks so much for the video its a great drill and it workd great i will continue to watch all your videos

mike marley says:

Hey Chuck.Great video. Have been working on the takeaway using your method it has brought great results and it takes the old flipping of the hands out of the takeaway which was destroying my swing. Thanks again.Keep up the good work.

angc214 says:

Interesting. The to of my backswing had been a concern for me. That is very helpful. Golf Instruction says:

Yes, he got his hands very high. That is great for power, but you will have to shallow that out significantly in the downswing or you will come in too steep. This causes inconsistency. Somewhere in the middle like this is more ideal. If you wanted to do long drive, I would say the higher the better. ~Clay Ballard

Chuck Quinton says:

How to build a backswing like Tiger Woods!

TheOneAndOnlycE says:

Is it beneficial to consciously restrict your hip turn like Tiger provided you still get a 90 degree shoulder turn? I heard he tries to restrict his hip turn to under 30 degrees. In other words what´s your opinion on the X Factor, Chuck?

feelxitxburn says:

This video alone fixed my backswing in a round. I've been trying to get a repeatable backswing for about a year now and this tutorial makes complete sense on why I was lacking repeatability. I'm sure this is along the same style of sean foley's teaching if I'm not wrong but my question is, how much can I open my hips on my backswing? I try to make my back face the target at the end of my backswing and as a result my hips open about 45-60 degrees to get me there with my right knee flexed.

drdrewb says:

@flowerdrop1 it is a perfect biomechanical backswing – listen to Chuck, he teaches from a biomechanical viewpoint, other than Golfing Machine guys, which can get confusing, Chuck is the man at this stuff! These teachers you mention can help pros fine tune almost perfect swings, but they can't teach the average amateur much – just watch the Haney Project.

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