How To Drive The Ball In Beginners Golf

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This guide shows you How To Drive A Golf Ball
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Amore M says:

I have been a golf player for Seven years and there are a few lessons that I have got. Studying these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) permitted me to shot a 75 after 2 buckets. I was able to get more acquainted with different golf concepts such as grip, ball position and through swing drills. I was a 13 handicap, but it is dropping. It is outstanding guide!

Joe Donahoo says:

I wonder what the drywall behind that curtain looks like

Bryan Davis says:

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. Been playing for about 10 years and in the past few months my drive deteriorated and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Your idea of aligning the ball between the feet and then side-stepping to the right so that the ball is lined up on the inside of the left foot has saved my drive. Hitting it so much more consistently because the ball is in the same place every time now!

Michel Ciszek says:

I seriously don't understand why he just put a whole in his wall when he could've just gone outside lol

Dan Go says:

hey why don't you blink a few more times

Sicario 13 says:

There are far too many so called 'golf pros' and 'golf trainers' who claim to teach you 'the right way hit a golf ball' however many people fail to realise that this is purely down to the the individual style and techique, which can easily discovered at a driving range. For example if I hit a golf ball the way this guy is showing I would probably dislocate my knee and often keep my feet L shaped. That is right foot transverse to show direction and left foot longitudinal.

FromHyrule says:

This fucktard just put a hole in the wall

John Smith says:

But it's a good video though.  I learned some important things.  Thank you.

John Smith says:

Play it over and over at 1:25.  It looks like a hole in the wall.  Hahaha Lol.

John Smith says:

Looks like he put a bit of a hole in the wall behind that curtain.  Ooops.  o.O

jewie27 says:

lol not even real hitting net. he puts holes in his walls.

badmandagga says:

why is he doing a drive indoors and expecting it to stop with a mosquito net

19ianrod says:

Talk about a hole in one……

alex cas says:

a hole in one

J Sudge says:

It's funnier to think he made a hole though 🙁

IIExhibitAII says:

I was thinking the same thing fordrebels.. Lol

Keith J. Wilson says:

Awesomely SIMPLE!!! I'll try it, I'll bet I improve!

fordrebels says:

The idiot put a hole in his wall

Justin Durst says:

seriously one of the most ghetto things i've seen

Patrick Fisher says:

i dont trust a guy swinging into a net in his living room

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