How To Hit Your Driver the Correct Height

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Follow Mark/4golfonline on twitter!/4golfonline Mark Crossfield talks about improving your golf tee shots with your driver. Watch the free golf instruction on how to get the correct height on your driver shots. Improve your distance and your direction with your tee shots with the correct downswing.


steveehardcore says:

Dear Mark, I am s**t at golf, what am I doing wrong?

dizzeeeeee123 says:

Why was Luke Donald's driver in the middle of his stance ??

salliemedia says:

failandprevail "Luke Donald is not a good driver." In the sense he is not super long, but he does get it down the middle more than your average amateur, would be my guess.

xSirDingo says:

I would think so as not moving forward will cause you to hit higher on the ball and you will be pulling the club to the left.

kaka_romeo says:

it will come naturally if you rotate your shoulders(shoulder turn) through the swing.

The Antard says:

Any drills to work on hip movement?

failandprevail says:

Kind of ironic, but Luke Donald is not a good driver.

brad stecklein says:

only if coming in over and steep. otherwise moving it back promotes a draw

AbundantFun444 says:

Have same problem..Many things can fix it. 1) The correct shaft is the most important (flex isn't the only thing to worry about in choosing the right shaft, think about the torque of the shaft and tip diameter.) 2) Next, try to tee the ball lower, will improve accuracy and lower flight with acceptable loss of distance. 3) Last, I think you are over compensating for the launch. A TIP: IF you hit the ball straight and high…get a lower lofted driver..I'm went from 9.5 to a 7.5 with a X-shaft. 🙂

Joe Cousins says:

Im a novice golfer who shoots mid 80's but my problem is I launch the ball to high.
I use a 9.5 stiff driver, on trackman I swing at 100mph with a 1.5 upswing but my launch angle is about 17. any ideas what I might be doing wrong??

cubsrock10997 says:

yeah the stock grip on the burner 2.0 is awful. i also have the burner 2.0 3 wood and i didn't get that shortened as i hit it just fine but i did replace the grip on it because i was playing in slight rain once with the stock grip and when i went to tee off with my driver as soon as i hit the ball the club slipped out of my hand and went flying. i found my ball about 50 yards off the fairway and found my club about 30 yards in front of me lol

shredx81 says:

Same. I had my Burner 2.0 driver cut down. 46.5 inches is stupidly long. Average driver length on tour is 44.5.
It's ridiculous Taylormade marketing again. Longer shaft=greater club head speed=longer drive. That's all well & good, but it's much harder to hit. Getting that driver cut down was the best decision i ever made. Gave me a chance to get rid of the appalling stock grip aswell.

shredx81 says:

I'd say tee the ball up lower. Moving the ball further back in the stance increases the chances of a slice.

cubsrock10997 says:

try moving the ball more toward your back foot. or tee it up a little lower could also help

cubsrock10997 says:

i also play at the high school level as i am in 10th grade and I've always hit my driver straight but when i got my new taylormade burner 2.0 i found i instantly started to slice it off the tee so i took it to my coach and have him watch me hit both my drivers to see if i was swinging differently and he said i was swinging the same and i found out the burner was to long for me (46.5") so i got it cut down 2" and now i hit it so much better so long story short. try a shorter length driver.

Officer KillJoy says:

I play at high school level golf and I cannot hit my driver at all I actually took it completely out of my bag but there are some hole that we play at matches where I can't get the distance with my 3wood as my competitor can get with his driver. I just need to find a way to hit it far and straight. Please help

hummingfish says:

This video helps me a lot. I hook the ball, but I think that the cause is the same. My head moves forward but my hips don't move forward enough, so I stand up (lose my inclination to the ground) to make space for the swing. I end up hitting a lot of low hooks.

forzaitalia456 says:

Do I slide my left hips towards the Target on the downswing I struggle with hitting ground balls also should I have a open stance and also 60% weight on my right leg when I'm driving

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