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HOW TO HOLD THE GOLF CLUB with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about holding the golf club, or gripping the golf club in a way that might help you learn, play better golf along with find your strengths in this game. With so much written about the golf grip and so many videos made where people want to stop you experimenting and developing your skills todays daily vlog attempts to break some of those wall down. Play your best golf with simple golf instruction, drills and tips with Mark Crossfield.


Kevin Barclay says:

Kevin mark why do they keep struggleing with the grip. I'm interlock. I'm ok with it. great vids.

Cameron loggenberg says:

Afternoon mark. I love watching your videos because you debunk all the myths and put people in their place. I have just watched and implemented your holding the golf club correctly video.

First impressions, my bad shots are a lot better. And believe me there are lots of them. Having only been playing for a year I am slowly getting there.

How do I get the feeling more natural when holding the club the correct way. Sometimes it feels so strange and also aches. Is it a simple case of "practice, practice and more practice?"

Keep the awesome videos coming.

Thanks. Cameron from sunny Cape Town.

i Mc says:

Mark, cavity backs are more forgiving for off centre strikes on both carry & dispersion.

SchoolhouseTechno says:

That was some nice cinematography there at the end. Nice bruh.

Alex andTana says:

Mark – you should re do hitting off Matts I phone- yes I have been following you for that long !

myminx says:

Loving the video.

Aaron McIntosh says:

My first game in a week or two today, and your left hand grip advice really worked for me Mark. I'll take +5 and straight hitting on a regular basis! 😄

Larry Young says:

What about the size of the grip. We have a ton of options now….

pavandeep sittre says:

Well they have more weight at the back so the club doesn't twist as much when you Strike the ball out the toe for exmaple. Gear affect I think it's called. So the ball stays straighter

David G says:

I went from chunky Taylormade Rocketballz iron to Mizuno MP25 irons. I notice no difference on off center hits personally. I do notice that I would have balls flying greens more often with the Taylormade much less so with the Mizuno's.

MrMannydac says:

The big thing I noticed when i played 'game improvement irons' was distance control. It varied alot. But I wasn't as experienced then, and now i know my shots better, it'd be interesting to see if it jumped about as much.

TJ Riordan says:

Thanks Mark! Appreciate your videos!

Richard Kliskey says:

tell that young lad of yours to enjoy that hair while he still has it. Lookin good kiddo!

sam lane says:

trim your ears bruh

whogg0521 says:

My grip had gotten really strong with really just my left thumb more on the side of the grip. It was a compensation for a "slide" I had developed.However, when the slide isn't there, I get pulls, hooks, etc. I've been working to get it more in the position you say, but I swear it has been a bit of bear really because I over-analyze and think about EVERYTHING. Lately, it has been much better.

MotoMorton says:

Off center shots on a more forgiving iron will still give use-able shots, will still get in the air and advance the ball relatively straight-ish. Blades more off center will feel terrible and also good chance to be a low skanky one off to either side.

This is just what i think, maybe due to all the advertising i see and hear. I play RazrXF Irons ( extreme game improvement irons )

moregolfplz says:

"Game improvement" irons………….I like the term "Enjoyment Improvement" irons better. To me, it's like this (excuse the example, trolls): If I need fish from a river, and I've never had to do that before, I want to have the widest net I can get. Plunge it in, come up with a few fish. Now, if I use the top of the line net, which is likely smaller (more nimble, better grip, name brand is spot on….very impressive), I may look more impressive, but it's likely the smaller net will "net" fewer fish. Mark doesn't understand, b/c he middles every iron he hits. Now, "game improvement" irons, I would suggest, would be ones that have a "smaller sweet spot" (ie: blades), which demand that the player strike the middle on a consistent basis. If a player was to transition from "enjoyment" irons to "improvement" irons, he would need to practice finding the middle on a more consistent basis, which theoretically would help him "improve" his ability to produce a higher, more consistent level of the basics of golf. So, the first example is one in which the player is given opportunity to enjoy the game more without a lot of practice, where the second is one in which the player must spend the time to improve his ability.

Steve The Pirate says:

Have had blades, pro combo and game improvement Irons and I'm a 15hcp golfer and used them when I was a 24hcp and honestly hated game improvement I like being able to tell through feel when I've hit a good or bad shot.
Love the blogs bruh keep up the good work

matthew geraghty says:

I Love my new Game improvement irons! JPXEZ not truly needed I hit "players" clubs previously.  But since Im not playing as much as I used to and these felt great looked great and performed well in some testing I went with it.  Love it no problems.  Hit em high without thinking about it. Hit Low when I need to and a full set 4i-SW $300 USD.

Douglas McCann says:

For me. the difference is the length of the shot. When I mishit a blade, I can lose 10-20 yards off the shot length. So I could keep it online and have a 40- 60 foot putt or a front bunker… ouch. A game improvement feels like I lose less yards which equates to closer to target on the short/long end. Left/ right misses happen to me with both and I don't see any better results this way with either.

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