How To Improve Your Golf Backswing – Stretch With Your Driver

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h – Mike Pedersen Golf Fitness Trainer shows you a simple backswing stretch with a golf driver. This will quickly improve your golf swing power and distance, as well as decrease shoulder injuries. Using your golf club makes it easy to perform this stretch for the back of your shoulders.

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Cravens Boughner says:

I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal website :)))

Robert Bernard says:

Great tip Mike which I will try. However I am 67 and having had a past left shoulder injury I suspect the improvement if any will be minimal for me but I will give it a go. One thought I had though was that I have always done weight training since I was 15 and I am still in decent shape such that I feel my pectoral muscles might also be a hindrance in allowing my left arm flexibility to stay straight while trying to lift it as high as possible.

MrCheatreporter says:

More advanced stretches plz :o)

David Martinez says:

My left arm breaks down at the elbow in my back swing. Will this exercise help me minimize this issue?

Mark Tessier says:

Thanks, Mike! Great stretch exercise. I'll be 60 later this summer and my swing has gotten significantly shorter in the last five years. This will help big time!

Mark Gay says:

Mike, thank you very much! This may be the best golf stretch of them all. After completing this stretch on both sides I am able to swing with much more fluidity, feeling less bound up, with a full swing.

gavinjobe1 says:

Hi Mike, i have just started to suffer lower/mid back pain.. can you please advice some back exercises to help thanks….


Perform Better Golf says:

@HSOPPharmD You're very welcome. Congrats on the weight loss. Well done! Swing looks pretty good.

HSOPPharmD says:

Thanks Mike! Bought your stretch manual tonight. Im a big guy that used to lift a lot of weight. I lost 40 pounds recently to get back into golf. Always had a short backswing and I make it work, but have always wanted to get the club further in my backswing, and I can feel my rear shoulders are always tight. I will be working with your stretches and I will let you know how it goes! Check out my recent Golf vacation vids to see my swing too 🙂

Perform Better Golf says:

@TroyVayanos You are very welcome Troy!

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