How To Improve Your Golf Shot Accuracy

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How To Improve Your Golf Shot Accuracy with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA professional and Steve Buzza. Mark and Steve answer more golfers questions from the AskGolfGuru Q&A app this time talking Accuracy and how to improve it. Play your best golf game and improve your driving, tee shots and iron play with Mark’s easy to follow golf tips, drills and swing ideas.


MN snow says:

It's called FEEL and PRACTICE.

Gerald Mooney says:

You are so bloody annoying

james eadie says:

accuracy is one thing repeatability is the other . .

vphothisan says:

2:00min into the vid nothing yet. 1:00 was too much laughing and talking. Learn how to make better videos.

wink14304 says:

Sounds like you need to teach on a circular mat.

Jeff says:

it seems like time at the range should be spent mostly on making solid contact, not distance control, because range balls behave quite different than premium balls. 

Chester Terry says:

Greetings 🙂  If I am hearing what you say, part of the equation is to learn your most consistent shots (tools) and use them when you play.  That being said, would you recommend that a beginning golfer do that, or focus on improving the swing.  For instance, if most of my shots fade, should I just live with that and adjust my point of aim?

Ryan Murphy says:

This is kinda how I practice. After I get warmed up I'll play "imaginary golf" or mimic a golf course. Then when mistakes appear I'll practice right there. Say Like alright I'm playing 1 at "yada yada golf club." I need to hit a soft draw. Then pin is a flag out on the range and there's water left and hit the approach.

Paul Meyer says:

Mark, I'd like to see how accurate you are at 120 yards with a dart!

Ian Simcox says:

Loving the clang at 3:39. That person obviously struggling with accuracy

Giebs n Stuff says:


I'm stumped… What is the best (your recommended) method of establishing distances? I know my tendancies to within about 10yards, but sometimes that can mean the difference between tapping in a birdie or trying to find your ball in the hazard. Do I try to rent a launch monitor to nail down my yardage or do I trust that the yardages at the range are correct?

Thanks and I love the channel(s),


D says:


How tall are you and Buzza?

John White says:

Kudos to you two for trying to answer such a broad question when there could be so many reasons for poor accuracy. For example, I've played with quite a few slicers/faders that continue to aim straight at the flag. I felt like screaming aim left! lol

Ian Bergin says:

Is Lockey's real surname Carvill?

Urs Sonderegger says:

Should Buzza realy talk about accuracy ? 😉 I just think of this vid "Newquay Golf Club #moneyball Part 2" ;-))

golfninja says:

+Mark Crossfield +Buzza Golf Interesting discussion. Assuming set-up & aim is okay to start with. Then it's about accuracy of strike, so you got to keep posture through to impact for one. But then it's about finding the 'speed' or 'effort' of your swing that allows you to get best contact more often, so most people would be more accurate swinging at 80% & because the strikes better more consistent with distance much better than trying to swing flat out. On the range you need to keep varying the target & club you use shot to shot, instead of trying to belt 20 6i's or drivers consecutively to the same target. 

huw365 says:

I think it's time to combine the apps.

Simon Ho says:

I find my accuracy wanes if I try to hard to get distance. I'd rather be accurate and hitting fairways than longer and in the rough or worse

Fixed 1964 says:

Great explanation Mark / Buzza, I am currently using the practice fairway to trial my range of shots rather than my old ways of belting balls down range without any purpose. At the moment Im trying to draw balls or get them to start turning around the 150 mtr mark and although not very successful it's giving me a better insight to my capabilities.


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