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PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf show how to improve your pitching skills and distance control and make you pitch like a pro


Reid Danville says:

Does the no conscious acceleration apply to pitching to green in the rough?

Wesley Lodge says:

Andy and Pierce, thanks for the lessons and tips. you guys have really become my coaches. this tip has specifically changed my short game

MrChittyChad says:

my issue is that I can hit a full swing straight but my pitches are right of target by a yard or two

chawksey says:

love your vids guys. when you say length of swing controls distance, if you are doing a short swing are you trying to replicate a putting swing or are you still managing to open the club face in that short distance

John Dorrance says:

I would watch your videos but my brain cannot handle that you both always wear matching clothes. why? why why

Michael Haddleton says:

Cheers. Do you need to accelerate through if you want to put more spin on for say a one hop and stop?

Rasmus Tikka says:

This helped me a lot I've been struggling with this same problem thanks a lot!

Mike Lautensack says:

what club ?

Richard Steele says:

what club is that?

Gurbaksh Sandhu says:

hi, I found the tip really good. should I use a 60 degree lob or a SW or an Approach wedge? normally on these shots I get a duff or a fat shot. help

Nathan Calis says:

Is there ever any weight transfer going on here?

Nuke Acorn says:

Excellent tip. Do you do this in the rough and bad lies as well. I always have trouble when the ground behind the ball is higher (divot/ grass patch). I always skull or chunk it.

Jancen says:

I struggle with chipping. Saw your chipping video yesterday, practiced it today and had a really great result. In pitching, I struggle with having too much shaft lean on impact thus negating the benefit of the bounce. How do I get to neutral position on impact?

Paul Rollins says:

Good video guys, going to give this a go tomorrow. I tend to snatch the backswing back a little too fast.

Aaron Martinez says:

Your pin seeking that's why you went over

Richard Moor says:

Very interesting. Have had problems with varying distance. So far I used shortening the length on the grip. Will try your method and hope for a more consistent result. Thanks guys.

Pete Gregory says:

Great lesson. Never thought of the gravity acceleration before. I need this.

It'sSebbey says:

I keep hitting my driver left!!!

Andreas Emmoth says:

This is just the best description of both sensation/feel and technique I have ever seen. Less is more. i just got home from the practise green and I really surprised my self

Roger White says:

The explanation of the tempo required by the gravity arm drop was very helpful indeed. Its often difficult for the less accomplished player to sometimes understand what's required to hit a good shot, your tips really make it so easy to grasp what's needed.

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