How to Swing Each Golf Club : 7-Iron Golf Swing

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The 7-iron golf club is a middle iron and is generally used from between 140 to 170 yards. Learn how to take a full golf swing with a 7-iron from a professional golf instructor in this free golf instruction video.

Expert: Hill Marks
Bio: Coach Hill has been teaching tennis, squash, racquetball and golf professionally for about ten years.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels


Cart Barn Grill says:

useless video

Bridget Harris says:

= Enjoy simple hitting practice and reap the benefits of longer, accurate irons .

nunya biznes says:

He chunked the hell out of that ball lol

matparkinson says:

oh yeah, damn that was so helpful. I forgot about the telling you absolutely nothing about how to do anything at all.

Watch Doge says:

He hit it fat. Expert-village, more like Beginner-village.

Jeff Ball says:

Hands down one of the worst golf video's on how to teach you to hit a 7 iron. Said nothing about stance and where to play the ball from. It actually looked like you were hitting a 9 iron with the stance you had.

Jeret H says:

the entire population of expert villiage is idiots, theyre all idiots missing from other villages now united together in one big cluster fuck. doofus tube

Rainman Rana says:

can some one buy a decent pair of socks for this moron

Rainman Rana says:

after looking at this moron i feel depressed

Rainman Rana says:

what a moron

jerusareem says:

hey thanks for actually teaching us douche

Ste Butler says:

I think that hit a duck

JJJJNobody says:

Wow… that was incredible.

gamejr84 says:

and i think that could be a birdie…….LOL! i could put a better swing on a club wiht a dynamic gold up my ass!

kirinlager49 says:

Professional golf instructor!! LOL am I reading this right??

R Bassett says:

… soooo all we need to do is relax? man thanks expert village!

cobra10svt says:

and I think that could be a birdie……yeah, if you hole out from the bunker, cause you shanked that shit!!

Wally17 says:

@theestrogenius His stance and such does look pretty bad.

Wally17 says:

@nibb1er1 In his defense, this video has to be geared for all audiences. That includes beginners that don't know much about the game.

holyrocnroll says:

dont take lessons from this guy just sayin…

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