How to Swing Each Golf Club : Driver Golf Swing

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The driver golf club is used to hit tee shots and is probably the most popular and the most troublesome golf club for most golfers. Learn how to take a full golf swing with a driver from a professional golf instructor in this free golf instruction video.

Expert: Hill Marks
Bio: Coach Hill has been teaching tennis, squash, racquetball and golf professionally for about ten years.
Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels


Jed ward says:

These professionals make the game look so easy.

ECWnWWF says:

expert village taught me how to swing a baseball bat in this video….

Bryan Hood says:

This guy should give suicide tips not swing tips.Β 

MultiJd88 says:

I just got into golfing I'm much better with drivers and woods and hybrids than irons

Watch Doge says:

His stance is so narrow and he's hitting down on the ball… A true expert wouldn't even have to think about correcting those when driving a ball. "Expert" village my ass.

RedRaiderRash89 says:

relaxed my ass he tried to bomb it and looked like he hooked it right

Cougman1978 says:

What made me in curious with his topic? I just closed after I saw his swing.

x513xSparks says:

Haha what a swing…

gamejr84 says:

holy shit these videos are funny.

sabird1 says:

this guy is so weird. he has a jug of water behind him.

SBha30 says:

I wish the mfrs would make steel shaft smaller head drivers.

beer7 says:

look at his woods, for god sake were they made in the 60s??

willcitoman97 says:

i know it looks funny but its really not a matter of how it gets there, its how many

vct33 says:

If you had never heard of Jim Furyk or Lee Trevino and just saw their swing on youtube, you guys would all be blasting them as well. My point is that every swing doesn't need to look like Ernie Els'. This guy gets his hands into good position on the way back and at impact. His wild leg movements make this swing scary but that doesn't mean he's a hack. You don't have to have a great swing to be a teacher. You just have to understand the swing. I've taken lessons from worse players than me.

Ole Johan says:

poor comment…very poor…bad..stupid….what an idiot…poor
This guy is just trying to teach you how to swing it, something you need help for.

vct33 says:

His hands are in good position all throughout the swing and he has a good finish.

Kees Tel says:

This GOOD mental advice: THANX!
(btw: you swing looks UGLY LOL πŸ™‚

賴德 says:

wht's the last time you play golf.?tell me!

vct33 says:

His swing is ugly but I'm sure he would scorch most of you clowns. He understands swing mechanics and has good hands and pretty good upper body. That squat is crazy but I don't think it has a terribly adverse affect on his ball striking.

sulfuricdemon says:

Why am I still watching this?

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