How To Teach Your Kids How To Play Golf!

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Start your junior playing golf with PGA Teaching Professional, Terry Crick, with 23 years of experiencing teaching thousands of kids. Amateurs teach amateurs to play golf like amateurs. Don’t make that mistake! Get real PGA teaching advice!


marcel kurtak says:

Both of them are like fuc king poo

Rorriz Ferroriz says:

What about woofle balls … baseball size or softball size? Just bought my daughter a set.

Yolo Swag says:

Billy is horrible

Frank 1 says:

I play 🏌

Red Rush says:

practicing golf is not supposed to be fun

Gta Gangways says:

That guy is wrong

KelseasElf Songs says:

you are a golf pro don't listen to them listen to your heart and everything will be ok. πŸ˜‡β˜ΊπŸ’—πŸ’—
god is always with you PGA

KelseasElf Songs says:

i love the gda YouTube πŸ˜„, but it a little bit to shortπŸ™. but i still like it makes golf easier for kids.😏

Edward Polaco says:

Your not a golf pro

Edward Polaco says:

Why are they were inch crocs! They are so dumb!

Edward Polaco says:

They suck I'm 12 and I shot in the 40-45

Edward Polaco says:

Tuck in your shirt

Edward Polaco says:

Those kids suck!

Edward Polaco says:

This video sucks

Tony Powell says:

Don't do it unless the kids want to do it. Nothing gets more boring more quickly.

At least video games have lots of reading.

Chris Morris says:

my younger brother has started to play golf and i showed him this video. After then heΒ  become big fan of Mr. Joseph

joey L says:

I think i've played that course, if its the one i'm thinking of, then it's in Northern Michigan

Rosey L says:


Changiitahh oneR says:

That was easy any kid can do that

Tammy Reynolds says:

Great idea but one question I'm a ten year old junior girl golfer but if they start out with a water ballon how r they going to get used to a golf ball?? Pls answer πŸ™‚ thx! 

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