I Had Bad Day of Golf!

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Well parts came in for the drone but with my luck, they never sent the tool I ordered to take the screws out. So let’s have fun at the DMV & The Driving Range!
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Jake Masker says:

Try to keep one arm strait and the other bent at a 90 degree angle.

Tim Scharaga says:

Your swing is jacked, bro. You're bringing you golf club do far inside on the backswing that you don't have a prayer of a chance to make solid impact on the sweet spot. You need to focus on bringing the club straight back while still rotating your shoulders. Put an object 9 ft. behind your golf ball and try to aim your club to hit that target. All while rotating your shoulders. Your plain in your backswing is so far inside you never give yourself a chance to impact the ball squarely.

Jake Thoma says:

Not to be mean but you gotta fix your form majorly (I'm on Varsity golf)

CRfromAR says:

I am a moderator and if you have nothing nice to say don't say it. ill just delete mean comments. Swift love this video lol.

CRfromAR says:

6:55 when he threw it 😂

Swaggot -iwnl- says:

Sub on My channel

Parker Goforth says:

Yes I play golf too but I was always scared to say something about it to people because I thought that people would make fun of me cause im only thirteen but I realise that I dont care what people thought about because im not like them playing basketball but ive played football and golf is fun and is something new. I play at windsor parke jacksonville florida. If anybody knows the place comment and tell me.

tony flamingo says:

well 1 that's not a driver( golf club ). 2 your arms aren't straight. 3 your posture is not right. so on and so fourth. as a fan you should take golfing lessons.

ThoonderArtz says:

Love golf bro

Chipper Campos says:

Much driving scenes

RastaGMC Sierra says:

It's a driving range, You're trying to shoot for distance, And you use a 5 Iron… I don't play golf man… But cmonnn dood

JimmyNeutron GottaBlast says:

look at your swing and compare it a professional golfer like Adam Scott and look at what they do compared to you, it might help

NC Gaming says:

I'm sry but someone has to admit that he's not good at golf…..

Isaac Menjivar says:

for the fans

Isaac Menjivar says:

hey swift uav uncle larry is doing a party for I thin today or tomorrow

Payton Emmett says:

So glad I found this channel!!!

Gazer Vlogs says:

Great vlog!!! Just maby stop saying freaking that much

Josh wingate says:

Intro song?

ThatGuy CalledJesus says:

Does this guy have eyebrows

Brennan Fleissner says:

When u are golfing try to keep ur hands in front of the club head when u swing an iron u can hit it better that way when i did that ur really helped me

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