Improve Driver Distance And Consistency With This Golf Training Drill

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paul woolnough says:

love this drill. simple but very effective.

moledog88 says:

Another great drill ,,,struggling with driver and just hit 20 beauties after doing this drill ,,,found I was way to close to the ball ,,,backed up a few inches and let it fly on a nice shallow plane ,,,one question,,,after impact how many inches should U keep the club head going down the line ? I hear different responses all the time to that ,,,, thank you for your time and great job on these videos,,,

Matthew Miller says:

Ok so I'm using zepp sensor and seems like I'm over the top is there drills for this ??need to come more inside

Matthew Miller says:

I hit irons fine miss hit with driver tons toe hits

fouriestefan25 says:

I am a 5 handicapper golfer and for a couple of months now could not work out what I was doing wrong with my driver as my irons is so crisp.The entire driver swing felt awkward as I couldn't get a good release for some unknown reason..with just a couple of swings with this drill my driver swing feels like it did in the old days..thanks!

Rory Marcello says:

1g-a day? I take a tea spoon full which is about 5 g a day as directed on the bottle is this ok

Corey Mccann says:

if I am starting a workout would creatine and a mass amplifier be bad for my swing? Should I take something else? should I not take anything at all? please help

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

Jiménez is doing this before every shot. Thanks Alex.

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