Jack Nicklaus Tip #2 – One swing

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Jack Nicklaus demonstrates how just by varying the head position of the club, golfers can make the ball go lower or higher and apply fade or draw. Nicklaus gave these tips to golfers from the First Tee program.



Jack is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! I will listen to his simple yet wise instructions.

PussyRiot1000 says:

I learned all these fundamentals (and more) watching the legendary 'golf my way' series.
I love that series but for me, developing power is the most important aspect of golf. Second to that, all these little details.
I never had power and never went far with golf as a result, despite learning all of these technicalities in great detail.

Brian Reilly says:

the older golfers like jack and Trevino different methods but both give great advice miss watching them in open

Zug75 says:

anyone should watch this who is learning and beginning golf.

Ed Flood says:

It is as easy as he says if you're Iron Byron.  Watch all the pro swings at the Players Championship Sawgrass hole 17 on a Sunday.  If pros have problems on a tee'd ball inside 140 yards how can you as a weekend warrior expect to shoot par so easily?   Get your swing zeroed out, consistent and you can be putting for par.  Chipping and putting is another game in itself.  If the game were as easy as he demonstrates nobody would play it.  

Brad Allen says:

The mastery of keeping it simple. Nothing more to say, as long as your ball striking is up to snuff 🙂

Zug75 says:

and thats how he won 18 majors! LOL

Dino7759 says:

The man talks a lot of sense! I learnt so much from Jack's videos… And it works!!

Sawamura says:

thank you mr nicklaus you thought me more than a professional golfer would teach me .my gratitude for teaching this .

chaseybears says:

Easy as that…I wish! brill stuff..

chaseybears says:

Easy as that…I wish!

dillingerexcape87 says:

great video. It is true, clubface is ALWAYS the king. If you can control the clubface, you can play golf.

scottwlfc says:

i can hook and slice the ball brilliantly, shame i do it without wanting to though…

Randy Bailin says:

Jack's still the greatest. He has no need to be doing this at this point in his career, but he spends time w/ these kids. Has to be a thrill for them to get instruction from the greatest golfer who ever lived.

emomagica says:

@Gyro911 I agree! I would love to learn how to hit the driver and long irons from Jack, have Tiger teach me his recovery game, have Ben Hogan teach me how to hit short irons, and have Phil teach me his short game!

thevmanvj says:

"One Basic Swing for all basic shots. The Grip is the same. The Aim is the same. The Ball position is the same (except for high or low shots) for all basic full swing shots. The Swing's Arc & Plane is the same. The Rhythm & Tempo is the same with all shots." This simple approach to "One Basic Swing", and eliminating varible elements in the set-up and swing can make anyone a better player at any level. Mr. Nicklaus, thanks for sharing these timeless fundamentals with the world. God Bless Ya'.

David Schultz says:

isn't there more to this? golf digest, leadbetter, haney, and mclean would have me think so!

thevmanvj says:

Grip properly, aim properly, head steady and the middle of your body" Build One Basic Swing, and adjust the club-face for up or down, hook or slice."
What more do you need to know?

Ravi Panchal says:

The Golden Bear!!
Now there is a true champion!!

holyrocnroll says:

@Nightwing690 im not quite sure but they almost look like titleist forged cb or mb go to the titleist website and you will see what i mean

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