JB Holmes Swing Lesson: How To Drive it Longer

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JB Holmes Swing Lesson: How To Drive it Longer (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor: Clay Ballard)

In this video, Clay Ballard will go over how JB Holmes hits the ball so far with such a short back swing. This lesson will go over how you can incorporate JB Holmes technique into your own golf swing.

Check out this lesson as Clay discusses the 3 keys that make JB’s swing work, and be sure to check out the many other great lessons, demonstrations, tips, and tricks by Clay Ballard and the Rotary Swing team!

We have also attached a link and short preview of our premium video “Driver Launch Angle” at the end of this video. Catch the full video on our website, www.RotarySwing.com.

Good luck on your golf game!

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“JB Holmes Swing Lesson: How To Drive it Longer”


Don Eggerton says:

Hello, how does this relate to the teachings of Doug Tewell Sqar to Sqar method. What do you think about that? With limited Hip turn for older guys….I am 56. thanks Don from Texas

Paul Booij says:

that club face so looks so square through impact. looks like its aimed at the target for about 2-3 feet. He doesn't roll the face over for a long time. Working on that myself.

TheChazaqingdude says:

Love this. As soon as my wife gives me permission, I am getting a paid membership.

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