Justin Thomas how he trains and prepares for tour season

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Here is an in depth look at how I train PGA Tour player, Justin Thomas, while he is on the road and a breakdown of the benefits and why of each. Check out Parsonsgolfperformance.com for more!


Digiphex Electronics says:

What is a good diet to put with this?

Darren Scholes says:

Hi Tyler, Awesome work. Thanks for sharing.

kbkesq says:

Thanks for posting! Great trainer. Clearly paying off for Justin and generating more attention. You can really see the discus turns in his swing.

한용수 says:

Awesome lesson to keep in mind.

rianco says:

great video Tyler. It'll be great if you can suggest the sets/reps for each of these exercises. can't wait to start these exercises at home. time to activate the GLUTES!

Tyler Parsons says:

Thanks for the comments. I always try to make the workouts simple but effective. Some of the places Justin travels have gyms while others do not. He always travels with his bands and foam roller so there is never an excuse to skip a session because he can do them in his room.


This is awesome. I love the minimal use of equipment.

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