Kendra Vallone Presents: Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons:

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Professional golfer, Kendra Vallone runs through the essentials of Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. This video includes “The Grip” and “The Waggle”.

Kendra also demonstates her swing technique with the 9 Iron, 5 Iron and the Driver.

To the Golf Trolls: Remember, this is Kendra’s application of Ben Hogan’s principals. Just to clarify, Kendra IS NOT Ben Hogan, so obviously things will look a little different.

Otherwise, ENJOY!

Filmed at Moore Park Golf Course, Sydney Australia


Jason Marks says:

Miss Elkins, I do see a lot of Hogan's swing Incorporated in your own.
The way you fire your hips first before your upper body starts and you have Beautiful Tempo.
Also the way your swing is consistent no matter which club you are using from short attack irons to long irons as well as your driver your tempo remains the same, I personally think that men would learn much more from a female instructor that a male instructor.
My reasoning is I have seen both LPGA as well as PGA events Live and Most LPGA pros will stick to a game plan and not deviate from it.
They do not get caught up in the world of testosterone.
They are more effective at course management than their male counterparts.
There are exceptions such as Jordan Spieth and Bernhard Langer. But I simply think that if you take power out of it and go strictly on touch and finesse that Ladies would come out on top most of the time in today's professional ranks.

jayo84 says:

2.7m views. Boy people really care about Ben Hogan! Who's Ben Hogan???

Fer way says:

Damn she's got a beautiful smile. Very nice swing especially her follow through.

Diggo says:

I'm a simple man. I see tits I click.

Cp3jordan95 says:

I honestly don't care about my swing anymore

Rod Long says:

Very hot, what sport does she play?

Kharl Lorquet says:

If you bait it, we will click it.


this book has screwed more swings up than it helped…

Amy Perka says:

2,734,360 views and only 502 of those views were from people who needed lessons on golf. Just sayin'

coolandtall says:

Her follow through kinda sloppy….but who cares?………lol

Arvind Das says:

I was watching her than listening to her !

Iron Lung says:

Real pretty. 🙂

Iron Lung says:

She's Hot!

Buzzjugs says:

Nice swings

Ben W says:

looks like Moore Park, my local !

aaah tex says:


Stormtrooper1488 says:

I wonder if she could show me how to choke down on my shaft?

Colt Jorg says:

Now, for her next video, picking up the ball after holing out a putt. Subscribed.


come on dick . . relax !!!!

Convicted not Convinced says:

Amen brothers!

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