KUCHAR vs DECHAMBEAU – Single Plane Showdown!!!

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In this video I compare the swings of Matt Kuchar and Bryson DeChambeau who are both often talked about as being single plane swingers.

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Niall Stark says:

Hey. It's called "The Open"!

Brad Jones says:

Hey Christo! Have you seen the robo swing pro? Supposedly they have a Hogan setting to swing like the man himself. Let me know what you think.

MyNaturalSwing says:

Hey Christo, I'd love to see your analysis of Adam Hadwin's swing sometime! 🏌🏻👍🏻

Bobby Morrison says:

I love what your doing!!! Thanks for that. I'm also working on my modern Moe swing like Reed. I've need hit the ball so straight with control. Its great I love it. Can't wait for the move!!!!

Kourtney Knowles says:

Saw a post from
Ben hogan golf company showing they have gotten purchased and now are selling clubs again much cheaper just FYI

Eric Muller says:

Love your vids Christo! I swear Kuchar has the simplest and most efficient swing on tour. Looks like he's hardly swinging.

GrayGhosting says:

The difference is their addresses. Dechambeau's address plane has the shaft pointing through his chest where Kuchar's is going through his navel – like Hogan, and his right elbow is on the shaft plane at the top of the swing – like Hogan. While he doesn't quite return to the shaft plane his swing is still flatter than DeChambeau's through the ball.

Colin Selfridge says:

Was very surprised Bryson broke through with a victory after struggling so much at first. He will win more, i have no doubt. Those swings are both very repeatable, which is the key to control and consistency.

bsbond says:

Love the channel, Christo. Two great swings! Kuchar has changed his swing considerably since the 2013 example you use. The changes are fascinating and might make for another great video!

Gilberto Ayala says:

Huge fan of both, but Bryson is extremely unique as a player and individual. Great video

Magnus Henricson says:

Love Bryson and his swing! 😃

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