Louis Oosthuizen’s 3 Keys to Effortless Distance

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3 Keys to Louis Oosthuizen’s Effortless Distance https://RotarySwing.com

Creating more power with less effort sounds good, right? Louis Oosthuizen’s swing does just that. He gets a ton of club head speed by properly leveraging his swing.

In this video, I’ll show you 3 keys to Oosthuizen’s effortless distance. You don’t have to be a huge tough guy to get a lot of distance; you just need to know how to properly leverage your swing.

You’ll learn how much separation you need between your shoulders and hips. I also focus on how much right arm bend that you need at the start of your downswing. And, I’ll show you Oosthuizen’s lag and release.

It’s time to create effortless distance!

Good luck with your golf game,

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“Louis Oosthuizen’s Effortless Distance”


Fred Goulet says:

Right as the the club hits parallel to the ground it looks as though the club head has started to surpass the shaft. Isn't that a loss of lag and wouldn't you want that club head to release as close to the ball as possible?

Youngsun Kim says:

wow. i am facinated by your analysis.Clay youre awsome. now i know his secret. thaanks alot!!.

Michael Bullington says:

That was an excellent analysis. You have a gift for communicating.

pigslefats says:

If as you say at 3:10 that you don't want a straight right arm I'd like to know how that would be possible when your left arm is already straight. I mean how is it possible-the left arm would need an extension!

ThePhizzy69 says:

5'7, 170, 9% bodyfat and ss is 122mph. I have a vid on youtube somewhere. Might be under a different name, I really don't remember as I posted it a few years back.

brown55061 says:

What are the Pros and Cons of angle of attack, and what SHOULD it be? My ball flight is nothing like the tour players so it would be nice to know why. Interesting stuff though! I love Louis' swing.

Kevin Newman says:


Great video and analysis. I have the same issue as Louis where my lead arm breaks down on the downswing and causes my swing path to be above plane and my angle of attack to be very steep.

Are there any drills to help with this issue? I have struggled to find something that helps.

Appreciate the insight.

wesbilly says:

I am 49. 6ft2. I would say swing speed is 90 to 100. I sway too much. I take nice divots.

wesbilly says:

This is my dilemma… I hit my 8 iron 150 with very good loft, and my longer irons are no longer than that, with poor loft. I have taken lessons, but they haven't improved my scoring. My drives are 225 to 250. I practice three times a week a week, and put everyday.

wesbilly says:

I am so close to signing up, what kind of distances can I expect?

dgrim1000 says:

Louis is a good example for one of these segments.  Nice segment.

FlyingSolo77 says:

Nice video and a lot to take away.  My back thanks you!

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