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This video discussion will help you understand how to make your swing smaller and more organized in order to strike shots correctly and with enough energy to play solid, consistent golf.
Thank you for watching the Tour Striker Golf Channel! These videos are truly a joy to make, and I hope they will help improve your game. However, nothing beats face-to-face, hands-on learning. The good news is: you can visit me at The Tour Striker Golf Academy and receive personal coaching to bring your game to the next level.

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Nicholas Meola says:

I'm a 16 handicap who has struggled with everything from losing tons of distance over the years with my irons and driver to constantly battling the shanks. This drill literally has saved me from quitting the game. Try it on the range. Its astonishing how much better you will hit the ball.

subystu says:

Hey Martin,I have found the key to a more consistent swing..I started playing seriously about a year ago and had a handicap of 21. Now it's 11 after about 6 or 7 lessons and some practice. I don't lack power or swing speed but my swing is erratic. This gives me a simple and easy way to focus on keeping my swing compact and with tempo. Thanks for the great tip.Loving all your videos simple and very informative.Single figures soon.Cheers Stu

Sal Drago says:

This is one of the best tips and video's I've seen. I know the move but at times get long in my back swing. I always watch this video as a reminder when I feel I'm starting to get long in my back swing.

AC H says:

Goofy redneck blonde guy haha

Don Harrold says:

This guy really understands the golf swing. I'm baffled why 289 people have given this thumbs down. I'm imagining these are the guys who blast golf balls all over the course in an uncontrolled way.

Tom Edwards says:

Two words: Allen Doyle

Josh Martins says:

Something that seems so simple..yet I struggle with. My backswing looks real good, and connected 3/4 of the way back..then elbow fly a little and I go across line. Would a more early / active wrist set help? I'm more of a float load to set the wrists at top..

Alan DLC says:

nice! i tried a "short" backswing and was hitting my 7i 165-170yrd, which is excellent for me coming from 135 with a 7i. way better contact and consistency, and zero over the top since i have more control of the club. then i recorded myself and im almost parallel to the ground. some people think the length of the backswing will determine the distance but after this drill i found that is absolutely misleading to new golfers, its in the rotation of the body and contact.

thanks for your videos.


I was playing around with 1/2 backswing knockdown type shots the other day (never really tried it before) and realized that my 1/2 backswing shots resulted in better ball contact, better accuracy and very little distance lost. Now trying to keep my backswing short and simple.

James Hunt says:

Martin,I didn't know where to post this, so I chose the first video that appeared on my youtube channel. I purchased a set of training videos of yours through RG and they are my go to places whenever I need help. I have watched all of them countless times, and have done a pretty good job of putting all to good use. Even so, I sometimes get an "a ha" moment. The most recent was when watching your video on "The Modern Golf Swing, where you are demonstrating bottom of arc, weight forward. I thought I had much of it down pat, but when tired I sometimes lack consistency. The last time, something jumped out at me as you explained that the bottom of the arc automatically went left as you shifted from 50/50 to something like 60/40. A trick I learned for consistency was to set up 50/50 and hold the club hovering over the ball, then allowing the shaft and club to move to the left as I shifted my weight to the lead side, then while keeping my weight there, I moved the club back to address position (still hovering slightly). This resulted in finding the consistent bottom of the arc and also the feeling of using the ground as a power source.  I did not have a lot of trouble before mind you, but when tired, or I got tense in the BS, I would not arrive at arc bottom consistently. This "trick" worked for me.

jblack1854 says:

I heard Faldo talk about an instructor who had said he never lengthened a backswing, but he had shortened 100s of them. I went to the range the next day, and shortened my backswing…amazing results…and they were all good!

FairwayJack says:

Thank you for revealing extensor action to me…I was over the top, throwing my club from the top..outside in …centrifugal force always won out over my attempts to hold the wrist angle ….until you enlightened me that a gentle constant pushing out with the right palm does the trick easily …thx!

The real carson neeves says:

great video! totally agree. what was the name of the player again you mentioned at around 5:40 with the short swing who hits it as far as john daly?

Randsurfer says:

Martin, put that tape on your sternum and it will travel even less far.

Don Khan says:

Loved your video, and your sincere love of golf and TECHNIQUE. I'm a pure newbie, and really appreciated it. Thanks!

David Nelson says:

Did not like his elitist comment that John Daly was a red neck.  Was unnecessary for what point he was trying to make.  John more $ that this little teaching pro.

Brad Jones says:

Safe to say this guy doesn't think highly of John Daly

Todd Bliss says:

Awesome video, Great Swing,,, I am 6'4 215 and am hitting the ball 10-15 yards farther now down here in Tampa,,, Trust me solid contact is way more effective than swing speed. I finally understand what my dad was saying about let the club do the work. THX

Bob Fahy says:

Very good golf swing Martin. It's all about impact and his impact positions here have TGM written all over them.

Mike Hughes says:

Haha, wow, reading these comments… Great video, even better responses to the people who throw stones behind the safety of a keyboard, I guess there are no videos on youtube safe from "internet gangsters"!  …I plan on attending the tour stiker academy this year. I appreciate your delivery, and ability to explain golf concepts in a clear, concise manner.

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