Mike Malaska: Intro To Teaching — Lesson #1 with Josh Blanchard

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Mike’s new teaching site is live at MalaskaGolf.com. Come join us.


kathleen smith says:

Looks like he is casting in downswing.

Wasatch Golf Academy says:

Great job Mike…Another top instructor told me study how you teach, your swing methodology and your overall approach. I now understand why. You are great!!!

mcubez817 says:

Hi Mike, your teaching methods are second to none! Quick question about ball placement.  Does ball placement still change depending on the club you're using?  I've noticed that ball placement doesn't matter from short irons to long irons because of the angle of approach.  Unless I'm doing it wrong, could you please validate that?

Austen Fitzpatrick says:

After watching so many you tubers videos and constantly over complicating and struggling with the swing you have made it so simple! my swing now feels easy & fluent.. great tutor!

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