My First Swing Lesson In Ten Years! With Dan Whittaker

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Here is my first golf lesson in a decade with PGA Professional Dan Whittaker!

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just sunny says:

I get Pete and Rick muddled up…I was thinking I am sure I had seen Pete have a lesson with Dan, then I remembered it was Rick. Old age getting the better of me.

Michael Goldfinch says:

Hi Peter Its a bit taking the P but do someone of Dan's leave of coaching in the Essex/ SE London area that is good? I would use you chaps and Dan but it is a 500 mile round trip. Any help wold be great Thank you

fccquoter says:

Good stuff. Big Fan Peter. Curious about this change since many guys like Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, Justin Rose, etc. seem to have very little hip turn on the backswing. Also, could this change in your swing affect your lie angle at delivery? Could you need to adjust irons….?

Mark Mack says:

Peter, you are on the right path. More rotation = less flip.

Nick Hough says:

Great move Pete – DW is the way to go! Was I the first to want you to do that on FB (even before Rick started) ??? I think I was – 🙂 I love every minute of DWs videos (he's in another class if you're shooting for a plus level handicap via Youtube!), and now I have another golfer posting more DW videos for me to watch and disect to help my training! Love it. Are you still doing those flexibility workouts that you started before Christmas??

Malvern Tatisa says:

Hi guys here in ZIM am struggling with many things firstly sponsorship is hard to get 2nd if u are poor u can not manage to play any tours tried my best but couldn't make poor background really destroyd my future many  people want to help u after a long struggle l liked golf with all my heart and still does but poor people s land destroyed my dream,those who are concerned abt me nid yr help

Jeff Diekemper says:

I have so many of the same issues with my swing. been trying to work on them myself; find it very frustrating. good video.

ZolaLegend25CFC says:

I don't see how you can generate enough coil allowing the hips to open that far. it's resistance against the hips that generates the power. so I'm afraid I disagree with Dan whiticker

Charles Center says:

WTF, have they stopped selling razors in the UK?

Mike Reiter says:

Dam it Dan…..I want your hair!

kingshearer2 says:

Very impressive changes, I want to see my robot swing!

Bay Area Sparky says:

Also as others below have stated, I've always thought you to have an excellent swing, Peter. Kudos to you in your quest for improvement.

Bay Area Sparky says:

I found that flaring the back foot just a bit made a big positive difference in my swing too.

Brad Morris says:

So if the DTL camera isn't directly in line with Pete's back side, wouldn't any any hip movement towards the target appear as moving off of the line you drew regardless of whether he actually moved towards the ball? Not questioning anything you said, just a technical question regarding camera angles.

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Good that Pete has finally found someone he can trust with his swing (…..Rick, Carter, Meandmygolfboys et al delighted at that line lol).
Dan is the man. Very knowledgeable guy. Matter of time once Shielsy's swing and shot dispersion starting looking the part that Pete would bite the bullet and need a piece of that Dan action.
This should be a good series of videos.

Ben green says:

Really good video of 2 pro's working together – it just goes to show that self teaching is not always the best route if timescale is important & with tech it can be actually beneficial as in Peters case – should be interesting to see the Vlogs this year…..

Joseph (Joey) Lawson says:

Amazing to see how just a few small changes can affect your hip rotation by so much. Best of luck in 2017

sabr686 says:

Brilliant. Wish I was close. Vancouver, Canada.

Degenerate Golf Club says:

Your pure excitement and giddyness at the results is the reason I watch this channel. Seeing such impactful results in just one lesson is a great testament to Dan, as well as the need for expert eyes. Looking forward to seeing the results, Pete!

Paul Melidosian says:

Dan is at his best when working on someone's swing..

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