ON THE GOLF COURSE – Golf tips and swing lessons VLOG BLOG -Fun! 18 holes @ Crotched Mountain Resort

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Golf for beginners – Golf Course Vlog 2016- 18 holes – Crotched Mountain Resort – Teaching professional Matt Thompson begins teaching his wife Teresa how to play golf. This is the very first video vlog of their journey. Matt and Teresa play a 2 person scramble and try to shoot under par.
Course vlog blog #1

Throughout this ON THE GOLF COURSE vlog blog, Matt provides free golfing tips as well as 1 or 2 golf swing video analysis lessons. As Matt’s wife Teresa is a beginner golfer, you can see how she becomes better and improves over each new golf vlog. You may also see special guests of different skill levels within the video. All golf tips and instruction done on the golf course are geared towards beginner golfers, women golfers, senior golfers and high handicappers. This vlog blog is meant to be basic and simple so as to not overwhelm or complicate playing the game of golf.
Reminder: The most important rule on the golf course is to have Fun!

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FinalLugiaGuardian says:

Beautiful course. Very close to nature and very little disturbance to the natural environment. That putt you did on hole 8 was very nice. I also like the golf diagrams you did early in in the video. Very illustrative of what to do and what not to do.
Thanks for posting. Have a good day Matt and Teresa. Peace.

Tee-Time with the Thompsons says:

I hope you enjoy the video. If you like the video, please give it a 'thumbs up' to let us know. Also, we appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thank you for watching…

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