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Poor flexibility in the hips is one of the primary causes of lost power and accuracy in golfers between the ages of 50-75. Don’t leg “age” affect your golf game.

Improved hip flexibility will help restore the power of a youthful golf swing. It will also help you avoid back pain, expensive surgeries, and rehab.

You don’t want to be lying on your back for several months during the summer while your friends enjoy the sunshine without you.

We want you to enjoy your retirement!

Play better and stay on the golf course by improving your hip flexibility with this exercise from Age Defying Golf.

Visit our website today and sign up for your free ebook and get our monthly news letter so you too, can develop an Age Defying Golf Swing! http://agedefyinggolf.com

PS. I first learned this stretch in advanced coursework with Dr. Gary Gray back in 2007. He is recently partnered with Nike Golf to create the Nike Golf Performance Institute for Golf Professionals and Physical Therapists.


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