Over 50 Golfers: Fitness Training: Using Resistance Tubing For Core Strength

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http://www.mikepedersengolf.com/golf-exercises/instant-download-ebook/ – Golf Fitness Training Expert Mike Pedersen shows you a simple core strength resistance exercise in-home using tubing to improve core and upper body strength specific to the golf swing.

Pedersen’s belief is that for every swing fault there’s a physical limitation causing it. Get to the root cause, fix the limitation with golf exercises and stretches and the fault goes away, resulting in a more powerful and consistent golf swing.

That is why he has put together very effective golf swing training programs together that can be done in your home with minimal and very affordable equipment.


Randall Cronk says:

Can you do the most critical golf exercises on a stability ball?

Andriy Mutuligo says:

Good day! I'm Sarah.I did -25 lbs last 2 weeks.Visit hawght.so#iK8P

Kevin Landau, VMD says:

Sorry. I wasn't done. That is my back is getting sore from swinging the club in general. Are there some back strengthening exercises you would recommend?

Kevin Landau, VMD says:

Hi mike. I am coming off of a low back injury.y back is getting sore when I.

mini696 says:

I have always been tense where my neck meets my shoulders. Are there moves you can show us to help flex out this area?

Loving your videos so far.

Perform Better Golf says:

@kckong3 Interesting. Bungee cord. Does it stretch a fair bit?

Kc Kong says:

mike, thanks for the vid! I use bungee cord anchored against the base of some metal railing like you have behind you in the video. hope that helps someone

Perform Better Golf says:

@Sexyplumbboi Using a door attachment.

Perform Better Golf says:

@TheDwodee6869 Sent you a message with a link.

David Wodecki says:

Nice Mike, Where can I get this tubing, I weigh about 220lbs. Will this work for me?

Perform Better Golf says:

@DJFEUDINGSTATE511 You're welcome!


@MikePedersenGolfTips The door thing is a great idea, thanks.

Perform Better Golf says:

@DJFEUDINGSTATE511 If you're in a gym, use the low cable pulley, and two long handles. If you don't have those handles, then use a door attachment. It goes under the door, then you shut it, so it will not come flying out.


Question: What did you use to anchor the bungee with? I'm afraid a spike would catapult into my face. Funny, but serious. I like the drill, I usually go to the gym and work on core rotation with the ab and oblique machine. Thanks

Perform Better Golf says:

@golfgod1966 Thanks for the comment, but this tubing is fairly light in tenseness, so no it wouldn't. If you have shoulder issues already, I would not take it all the way back. I would modify the range of motion slightly.

Perform Better Golf says:

@michaelking22 Glad to hear it! Let me know if there is something you want me to cover in future videos.

michaelking22 says:

Thanks Mike, I've just discovered your videos and I'm finding them very benifical, looking forward to the next one.

Perform Better Golf says:

@golf Thanks! I do to 🙂

Perform Better Golf says:

@jkpassage Thanks Jeff! Yeah…I wanted to remove all excuses for golfers not to do my programs 😉

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