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Dan McGovern says:

Descent s x s w s xwxswdb Aaaaaax xaxa

johnnybull100 says:

So what I was doing today was hitting balls with the big rubber tee in front of the ball to force to get through the shots more. What are thoughts with doing that would it be a good thing to practice with?

David Lin says:

Rick, I just found this drill Today. Coincidentally, I also moved the ball forward for my daughter last weekend when we worked on 7 iron. Before did this, she normally hit heavily on the mat then the ball. Once I moved the ball forward, not only she can 'brush' through the mat, but also can hit ball much cleaner.     I would recommend this drill to anyone who wants to pure the irons !

Carl Kostal says:

The whole mat to grass transition is so discouraging for a beginner like myself. Giving this drill a go tomorrow.

Jason White says:

I wanted to Hello or wave at 0:45, Kind of like a "Hello Jonsey"

Terry Scanlon says:

Hi Rick just tried this drill in my net off the matt, wow, what a strike, will take it to the range the morn. Playing here in St Andrews for over 45 years with a low handicap, you have to play the ball back a bit with some shaft lean. My problem is when I go to inland courses I have massive divots as I drive into the ball and my bad shots are fats. Cheers will let you know how it is on the grass. Terry

bagdiil says:

Was that Pete passing in the backround at 0:50? 😮

Lawrence MacDonald says:

one of the best instructions online direct easy to understand well done

Carl-Christian Jackson says:

Thank you for this drill! I've been using it at the range (off mats), and use it as the first few hits after changing clubs. However, should I be worried that I sometimes make better contact with the "drill" position than with the standard ball position? Because I'm a picker, and likely bottoming out around the ball, I've also tried shifting my address position eye focus on standard shots to where I want to bottom out (the "drill" ball position). I think the combination is slowly helping retrain my swing – a lot more work to go, though!

Mike Rodrick says:

I do this drill by trying to hit the front of the ball rather than the back, but this may even be better. Definitely trying it!

jennifer says:

use sun flower seeds as long as it's not windy. they are cheap and small.

MGJ says:

This drill has begun to get me spin on the ball also. Incredible

Tony Tanti says:

I love this drill but I start shanking when I practice it….why???

Marc Leconte says:

I'm going to try this, thanks for the tip.

e prz says:

quick way of improving thin shots as well.

Ronald Irwin says:

i really love your instruction Rick. I'm working on the 3 step process to eliminate my slice for good. Any chance you may do a review on the M2 D Type driver?

Sebastiaan de Weerd says:

thx this has really helped me out, kept feeling i was hitting them allright when practicing and then I go out on the course and smash in the grass every other shot which was quite upsetting. Getting much more consistent strikes now and I'm enjoying my time spend practicing more since it was beginning to feel like wasted efford.

Spencer A says:

Just got back from the range and WOW! 😳

KicksLikeA Hammer says:

would you recommend this drill off of grass also?

Richard Lloyd says:

this is SUCH an amazing drill / tip. tried it for 5 minutes and then into a comp and my improvement in impact was dramatic. question for Rick – what's stopping you setting up this way when you play (as opposed to just getting a feel for it on range and reverting to normal for open play)?

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