Philip Sparks Video Review

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British PGA pro, Philip Sparks, giving his thoughts on his experience of Brian Sparks’ coaching. Which brother dances best? Filmed in October 2014 at the fabulous Monte Rei Golf Resort in the eastern Algarve in Portugal.


MrZocor says:

That ball went about 270 to 280? How?

Pikey Walters says:

thanks Brian

paul woolnough says:

Hi Brian
I`am very new to golf, i`m 53 yrs old. I`ve only been playing for 3 months, the trouble is i cant get no consistancy in my shots.
I am very curious about your swing it looks so simple and easy to replicate.
Am i right in thinking that your based in Manston?, as i live in Sittingbourne and wouldn`t mind in comming down your way.
Or just buy your book and get a swing right lol
Regards paul.

Pikey Walters says:

Hey I am wondering about 100 yards and in. Is it the same swing? Thanks

Adam Evans says:

I live in Dallas Texas USA.

Adam Evans says:

Can you help me please? With my golf swing

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