Pitching Drill To Avoid Fat, Thin Shots

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Awesome drill for those of us that hit fat and thin shots when pitching the ball. Proper pitching technique will result in lower scores. Golf tips, golf instruction and golf handicap advice provided by http://www.break80today.com/products/pitching-dvd/


bobbie bobbejaan says:

Take my normal stance? At what point can i take my abnormal stance?

Roli Rivelino says:

Loving those drills particularly the 2nd one.

MrBikedrummer says:

I've been keeping my hands in front of the ball so I don't pick it clean or thin or fat. I did this drill and hit great compressed full wedges. Thanks

Rick Martin says:

this is one of the best videos on pitching – thanks for posting it. I've been working on getting rid of the chip/pitch yips and getting on the left side has been a big fix for me.

alex ball says:

:/ good tip for Chipping !! pitching is 60/40 depending on length of shot longer shot less weight on front foot

Steve Jamieson says:

Good Drills

ZeroSumJ1 says:

That's a helluva sweater. Thanks for the drill. Much appreciated.

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