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Dale Fraser says:

Thanks lads you've sorted my big slice into a little fade I can live with that 😄⛳️

Joshua Stamps says:

Like how they make it look so simple!

Joona Tervonen says:

Before piers hit the shot, he seemed to have the ball closer to his left foot than the middle. I've been taught to have the ball in the middle.

Richard Koop says:

Awesome tip!

Cam Bildhauer says:

Can you do a short game video? When I use a lob wedge from about 50 yards and in I seem to chunk it or hit it very thin and when I do make solid contact it is either short or long. Can't get my wedge game on point

Trevor Bibbins says:

Can you give me some ideas of what to do at the driving range. I usually get 100 balls and just try and work through the clubs.

DE E says:

Really really enjoy your videos thanks alot guys

Roger Murr says:

Sorry, but this is total rubbish. After the practice swing, something goes on in the mind (if you like, the brain) to cause a fat or thin shot. Yours, Roger

Michael Andersen says:

I'm keep on straightening my right leg in my back swing, please help me!Excellent golf tips

M Chung says:

Nice tip, but how does the club face make somebody put a different swing on the ball? I don't think you've answered the original question which I believe is asking how to take the practice swing to the actual shot.

Tanner Griffith says:

How do you stay calm under pressure for tournaments and stuff?

Bill Hill says:

At about 1:50 into video what are those animals running behind Piers?? Btw, great video

Harris Yahya says:

great content

Golf Cheating says:

Great tip, thanks guys. I have a problem steering the ball and chicken winging, hopefully this the help me out.

Marie Benas says:

You have the swing tracer – awesome!!

Nefi Guzman says:

Will this practice swing work with a driver? Thanks in advance

jurrasic parkinsons says:

I would like to see more videos on golfers who miss left. It doesn't seem to be addressed very often. Not just on your channel, but most tip vids I see are aimed at golfers who miss to the right.

masfu9999 says:

I'm having issues with the idea of swing path and target line. If i aim more right to fix my slice to make a draw(right handed). Then my target line is more right not my swing path. Helppppp!

hbyrdut says:

So you fixed a fault he has with his practice swing that he can't reproduce with the ball there?

Douglas Clark says:

Ha ha, no hat again Mr Perfect Hair.

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