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PUSH CUTS AND BLOCKS LESSON golf lesson with PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about how to improve your body turn for more face to path control and straighter golf drives and iron shots. Play your best golf with Mark’s Daily Vlogs helping golfers around the world with simple and easy to follow golf instruction, tips and drills.


Jose Juan Boissier Domínguez says:

all shots below 150 yrds and putting from 3 to 12 feet.

Drivebuddy says:

Mark. Body turn still just fab. I shot 6 pars with the confidence that drill gave me. Cheers.

Seven Seven says:

Driving accuracy

Niall Kelly says:

Accuracy of the tee.

Lee Edwards says:

love the videos……i am getting better hit the ball well and long enough!……..but i cannot putt….short or long….totally useless totally depressing…on the green in two then 4 putts- hate it

Kevin Walker says:

distance control is a magic wand request

sinterklaasje1975 says:

definitely lining up… both putting and on (or off) the fairway

Darren Sills says:

My horrendous putting!

Goodspeed says:

I would improve my putting. Hands down.

Cybertommy2009 says:

On the practice exercises: I heard you, boss. (Thanks! Very cool.)
What would I fix in my game: putting!

John Rollins says:

You make your own draws? isn't it easier to just buy them?

Mark Curley says:

consistent strike

stuart wood says:

Hi Mark, my swing is "laid off" at the top but downswing is good. I don't like the look of my swing when I see other peoples. I play off 4/5 so I don't struggle for scoring well and hitting a good ball but being laid off, would it limit me at all? My bad shot is a slight push so if you could help me out, it would be great! keep up the great vids! 🙂

Graham Streek says:

Strike. I always struggle to take a divot which I get away with when playing short irons but hitting a 6 iron that is sitting down and I'm in trouble.

Simon Thorpe says:

I would love to improve my posture! Seem to play ok off 20. but look dreadful

Michael Robertson says:

Consistency of face contact on all my clubs

Reuben-Henry Biggs says:

Putting. Putting. Putting

Rickoh75 says:

My biggest problem and I notice that many people at the driving range is the fat shot.

fezzer says:

I imagine im slapping a chicks behind not a ball 😉

fezzer says:

Putting without a doubt. Would love to be able to read and feel the green easy.

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