Rick Shiels & Peter Finch Lessons – #3 Driver Backswing

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Rick Shiels and Peter Finch team up for Golf Monthly to offer a series of essential golf lessons. Here they look at how to improve your takeaway to set the club on a better path for longer straighter drives


tillsy23 says:

Amazing as always so much power
Would being overweight hamper the swing in terms of amount of rotation your body can physically make?

Jeff Feldman says:

Great series.  I am returning to golf after several years and these three videos really helped me get my takeaway and backswing back to where it should be.  Are you posting the downswing and finish? Thanks for the great content!

John Pennington says:

Medal comp today so I figured late in friendly game Monday I was not turning enough. Timely reminder 😃👍👍👍

Dave Harrison says:

Let's see if it works this aft 😄

darren james says:

go on pete give it the beans son…….gotta be a 130 there somewhere….grat vids very entertaining and useful for us mere mortals. :o)

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