Sergio Garcia’s Lag and Lower Body Move

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TPI’s Dave Phillips discusses how Sergio Garcia uses incredible lag and a unique lower body move to create an efficient, powerful swing.


David James says:

I think everyones swing is slightly different than anyone elses cuz of the makeup of their body and their flexibility, strength, stiffness…. So analyzing someones swing is not very useful to anyone other than that same person (and the person(s) who is/are doing the analyzing). If (for example) I was to "copy" Sergios swing, I would likely do worse. In reality, if I rotate my hips way ahead of my body, that is almost always a fade or even possibly a slice or shank for me. I need to feel my hips being "quiet" for me to his a nice straight ball. Also, if someone like me tries to "force" the club to parallel (to the ground) on my backswing (which is not natural for me), that usually results in a bad hit. Because of my age and limited range of motion (much more limited than Sergios), I have to stop my backswing short of parallel. So again, analyzing the swing of a pro is not very useful to us amateurs.

How about a low cost service where us amateurs send in a short movie segment of our own swing (like our best one based on results of the ball), and have someone like you analyze it and send us your advice (on things like power leaks, other errors in the swing…). For example, on a good hit with my Nike Sasquatch driver (old school), I swing about 100 to 105 MPH (estimated) and hit about 225 years (with roll). Perhaps from the video, you could notice some power leaks that might give me another 10 to 20 yards (on average). If I just record many drives and just send you the best one, it would be fun to see what errors I am making even on what I consider one of my best drives (or at least what I think is a very good drive for me).

Balataone Moomba says:

Hi Dave, Pretty good look at Sergio's swing. I do think the arm drop and lag are two completely different things though… Sergio's arm drop is used by him to get to the elbow plane , and along with the flat turn and downstroke loading of the club, makes for a very powerful combination (they really go hand in hand). The apparent "reverse pivot" and funky knee action actually allows the rest of his swing to work by keeping him behind the ball so he can HIT the ball with his right arm. Sergio is a hitter.

dsanjurjo2000 says:

At last someone who knows what he is talking about.

Thomas Head-Rapson says:

Did Sergio just win the Masters with a reverse pivot?

Trey Caldwell says:

Whatever benefits you might enjoy in terms of extra power/rotation from swaying on your backswing will soon be forgotten and lost by all the mishits that are sure to come your way. Those are my two cents. In my opinion, you need to dig that right foot into the ground and maybe even do an old fashioned right knee "kink" in towards the target as you take your swing.

Joshua Derrig says:

I know Mark Crossfield would be happy you addressed the 3D aspect of Sergios "lag". I am too.

crisisofconsciousness says:

so happy he won!

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