Spirit of Golf ~ The Incredible Power of Thought, Emotion, and Belief

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www.myspiritofgolf.com ~ All thought and emotion is highly powerful and creative. This cannot be said enough. Whatever we think, feel, and believe – positive or negative, happy or sad – is immediately activated in every cell of the body, showing up as calmness and flow or tension and resistance. When it comes to the golf swing, no thought or emotion goes unnoticed. The body simply cannot lie, and the cells, muscles, and joints move according to the signals they have first received from the brain.


Fairway Ministries says:

This 4-minute video makes sense to golf enthusiasts. This is also suitable for all of us.

Brian Jackson says:

But how do I keep the negative thoughts or emotions to great a distance to experience what I want in life

Ashly InColorado says:

This is right on. I love the definition of emotion. Just makes so much sense.

Adennative says:

the quran talks about this, sorry do not know the nane of the sura

cygnusne says:

How true ! Not only for golfers , but true for everyone !

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