Swing Free Golf Swing DVD – Darrell Klassen

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Learn the swing free golf swing by Darrell Klassen here.


Phil Brown says:

I am now 62 and mucked around at handicap of 18-20 for years and was frustrated
Changed to Darrell method and in one year was playing off 10 and I agree with eli.

Thought I could get better and more distance by trying the more accepted PGA type methodologies (straight left arm) and blew out to 16.
Have gone back to Darrell's methods and am back to 10 (in 3 months this time) – just an easy swing method that gives good yards and good consistency.
I keep going back over the videos as there always seems to be something I missed or forgot.
I have never paid a professional for a lesson – and still manage to play off 10 using Darrell's methods… Just bend your elbow, keep it close in, chop down, rotate and hit your power point – it can take a while to get used to. I recommend starting with the 1/4 shot and slowly work up – I found it harder if you just try to hit full shots from the start,

eli yates says:

I dont even hate to say this… this works. I think what you have to understand is some of those people in the other videos are so rigid and because of this are not very flexible. his method is so simple… look at Geoff Ogilvy or ernie els or retief goosen or hell even Louis Oustehazusrorhfnemen. all of their swings are effortless this is essentially what they are doing. Is Darrells method the only way… no… but it is a way and it certainly has its merits. 

David Wright says:

maybe…but he doesnt look hungry

acousticriff says:

lol is this s a joke?

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