Swing Man Review – Will This Make Me the Greatest Golfer I Can Be?

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Swing Man Review – Will This Make Me the Greatest Golfer I Can Be?
Swing Man is a swing speed training program and general golf instruction course. It teaches you about the techniques needed to hit the ball as far as possible. However, it isn’t just about your technique, but also about having a custom fit for your driver and ball. This is crucial for getting the best driving distance. However, according to Swing Man, what actually matters more is that you have great swing speed. This is what Swing Man will teach you.

Swing speed is hugely important for anybody that wants to be better at golf. The correlation between the speed of the club head and actual distance has been demonstrated time and again. Simply, and logically, if you have more speed in your swing, your ball will go further. An amateur, on average hits around 87.5 miles per hour, which equates to a drive of around 222.5 yards. Women have a slightly slower speed and distance. If, however, you look at the pros, the average swing speed is about 113 miles per hour, and the average distance is around 288 yards (again, slightly lower for women). These statistics are repeated again and again.

What You Get with Swing Man
Swing Man is a hugely comprehensive package. It includes:

Unlimited, around the clock membership and access to the online program, which includes the swing speed training.
A huge resource library with text files, pictures and instructional videos.
Over an hour of golf instruction through video.
Images of golf techniques and positions that are designed to help you improve your overall game
Access to a tool that helps you find the best club fitters and makers in your area.
Continuous updates of pictures, text and videos, so your knowledge will always be fully up to date.
Fantastic blog posts that will keep you entertained for hours, as well as being hugely educational.
If you decide to take individual, in person lessons with Jacob, you will receive a 20% discount on your lessons.

What I Liked

Swing Man is one of the most respected swing speed training programs around and has been very well reviewed.
You can use the program at home, meaning you don’t even have to go to the driving range to improve your skills.
You could potentially increase your distance by over 30 yards, meaning you will suddenly be miles ahead of your golf partners.
The program is designed to help you get rid of your slice, the nightmare of all golfers. You will also stop losing strokes constantly once you get to the green. Besides, you will learn to reach far more greens, which allows you to have plenty of short iron approach shots.
The program’s designer is a protégé of Mike Austin.
You can design your own golf game.
The customer service offered is fantastic

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