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Here is a great golf swing slow motion video of the best golf players. They are Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, Bubba Watson, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Kevin Kisner, Jordan Spieth, Louis Oosthuizen, Nick Watney and Phil Mickelson. You will learn a lot golf swing tricks from this video.


NP-75 says:

That down hill lie is nothing compared to my home course in southern Ohio

Paul H says:

Adam Scott has the best swing ever in my eyes. Tiger has a great swing as do many others, but Adam Scott happens to be a tall man like me. I can not look at a guy who happens to be  5"9"and imitate his swing. I am an avid golfer and am 6'8". We have to play differently than normal sized people. I love the game…….took it up 44 years ago at age 8 and have enjoyed every moment of it. It's the best game in the world, have fun.

Jeet Adak says:


alice fay says:

NOT the best golf swing.. check byron nelson slow motion

Always Fruity says:

OpI'm like ol

brian wallington says:

Why the fucking awful music ?

The Truth and Lies on Planet Earth says:

Really nice video thanks

Jordan Hall says:

moral of the story….. swing the club how you are comfortable. your Natural swing is your best Swing!

Aaditya mgr says:

There are a few things for ways to improve your golf
Do exercises
Position your feet properly
Learn the best body posture
(I read these and the reasons they work on Gavs golf tactic website )

Zac Carlsen says:

Really awesome video. Love being able to see everyone's unique swing in slow motion. Thanks for the upload

Bob Hoyt says:

The problem with these swings is that at impact, for righties, the upper body is leaning down to the right while the hips are turning toward the target. This puts a lot of pressure on the lower back. It's how I injured my back. I've now drunk the Kool-Aid and adopted a set-up and swing that is more like Bryson DeChambeau, where I try to set up with the club on the impact plane. I don't know that I hit it quite as far (which is probably why most pro players don't set up that way), but my back feels a million times better.

Jamie Brantley says:

I have been a golf player for Seven years and there are certain lessons that I have got. Studying these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) allowed me to shot a 75 after 2 buckets. I was able to get more acquainted with different golf ideas like grip, ball position and through swing drills. My previous handicap is 13, but now I am starting to drop it. This guide is magnificent!

Sepp Eeman says:

For all keyboard professionals,

upload your own swing and get feedback from pro's, I have used it many times, they are on instagram really populair (Instagram: Ratemyswing)

For all golf nuts you can follow their journey here:

Chidi D says:

After reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I used the ideas at the driving range. Right after making a solid impact, I attained correct divots with my irons. I was hitting about 10-15 yards farther with my irons than I was used to. I strongly recommend the book to you!

Ashton H says:

These golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) have given me a grasp not just on the how, however the why of the different components of a good golf swing. Right after reading the book twice, I had been able to achieve Twenty-five more yards on my driver, and also 15 more yards on irons. My enjoyment of golf has doubled and my confidence has soared.

Harry Carrey says:

Thats not Dustin Johnson. Thats me you idiots. Creeps.

Jeff Palmer says:

Hip surgery inside of ten years.

Skyler Parker says:

After reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I applied the tips at the driving range. I was immediately having correct divots with my irons, appropriately after strong impact. I was hitting about 10-15 yards farther with my irons than I was used to. Check it out yourself!

Shawn Roman says:

This guide “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) presented me Golf swing lessons. They make a custom model based on your arm length, height, shoulder width, club length, and so forth. The lessons have already been incredibly helpful, enabling me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 in the last year.

Pat Claar says:

After reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) and doing the drills as I read, I went out and also shot a 73. I hit 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other Five holes, I missed the green by an average Five to ten yards. Since Nine is my handicap, I never shoot 73s. It`s been actually a long time since I made an outstanding round.

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