The BEST Golf Swing Training Aid

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Thomas Fraser says:

Looks better then any swing shirt I've seen on the market. I find that when I initiate the first part of the take away i already feel the shift of my weight to my right foot which aides me greatly in following a smooth rotary path to the top of my back swing where I feel the final weight shift of 80 percent on my back foot. Does this device allow the player to feel the accumulation of the weight shift at the top of the swing? I feel as you swing back up and around it should feel like a smooth circular path and that half way through the back swing one should never feel as if they have to deliberately raise their arms. Correct?

Thom Bendtsen says:

Many people have made the assertion that using external focus (the club) is much more effective than using and internal focus (the body) they have more success at making a change. This tool gives you external focus (the bar), not internal. Looks like a great training aid, I think I might look for one. What do you think of an elastic band around the biceps? Is that the same thing, or does it encourage people to pull the arms apart rather than keep them together?

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