The Golf Grip in detail

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People seem to miss the key aspect of how the left wrist aligns itself with the handle. I hope this helps. Good luck!


MrZocor says:

Grip it in the palms of your hand, and hit the ball. Holding it in your fingers is to flippy.

Paul Homsy says:

Great video !

L OL says:

Is "having good momentum" just a nice way of saying you suck

ReggieWHUFC says:

Awesome video! Great detail that other videos over look for example the wrist position.

Pragam Bati says:

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Pius Vendargon says:

Thanks good instructions

robertshult says:

Great detail – Good Job!

Ddronron1 says:

Terrific explanation and visuals! Thank you very much!

QSM says:

still one of the best grip vids on YouTube. Commit and see the results!

tim hamilton says:

great video!!

Steve Hunter says:

Awesome! Thx!

Lasantha Gpv says:

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Cockney Boy68 says:

This is a fantastic video that clearly demonstrates the correct grip.
I have watched many videos, but this is by far the best.
I'm a 14 handicap golfer the most important important point as he says is to roll the wrist and the forearm over with the left hand before gripping the club with the left hand.
I've been checking my grip with a Leadbetter swing setter, but even this doesn't allow for the correct setting of the left wrist and forearm.
Cracking video , so thank you as you have helped improve my striking which is now far better. I'm now compressing the ball with a lovely crisp strike.
Thanks again.

KaryaTermasyhur says:


Kang Tony says:

detail lesson for golf grip

grazer770 says:

why don't you just show that your hands have rotated on the shaft and show that by holding the club straight out with your arm relaxed, so you can see the angle of the club head instead of all this nonsense about how far you can rotate the arms. that is all weak, strong and neutral mean!

dave44407 says:

i agree talking you though great feedback

Anthony Dixon says:

Best grip vid

Gordon Johnston says:

One of the best explanations I've ever seen on how to grip a golf club. Excellent stuff, Noel.

William Cook says:

Great video.  I have been working with the Hogan grip as described in "Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons."  I read somewhere that Hogan later modified his thumb on the grip in order to steady the club at the top of the swing.  With the method described here, there is no adjustment needed as the club arrives in a perfectly steady and well balanced position at the top.  I have gotten great results.  This is a keeper video for me…. Great and thanks for the advice…

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