The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Drills For Winter

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Drills For Winter with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. mark talks about spin as well as angle attack in question of the week. Play better golf with simple golf instruction, drills and tips from Mark in this week show.


Raza Khan says:

thanks mark for all the tips.. im a relatively new golfer(started a year back) and you're videos have helped me understand the golf swing much better… and the drills are very very helpful …. your review on the products are very good and honest.
keep up the good work!!!

fnecj3 says:

You the man! Thanks for all your post!

Quincy Atkinson says:

Thanks for the winter/indoor drills!..also…are those Bunker Mentality jackets available/for sale anywhere!

Holbeck Cafod says:

Great videos Mark. Keep up the good work. I've been playing golf for a year now and love the game. I can't handle winter though, I just want to get out there hitting some balls and keep getting better.

WideEyedFox says:

Sorted it. My grip was too strong. It appears my swing has been compensating for a strong grip and after sorting out the other issues with the help of your videos it exposed my strong grip. Keep up the great work Mark.

GOLFforeGOD says:

who's the doofus that disliked this video…there's always that one guy!!! Why!?

blakerh says:

Let's get stuck in!!

WideEyedFox says:

Hi Mark – great video, love the series and how devoted you are.
I've done the shoulder blade trick after watching a video of me and realising I was hunched over. Ball striking is a lot more consistent, but pushed to the left. No real curve, flight is straight. If 12 o'clock was straight ahead, the ball flight is towards 10:30 – 11 o'clock. Impact seems good, distance OK. Full, half and chipping all go left.
Does this sound like early extension?

Mysterypaintballer12 says:

Mark what push cart do you use for your bag

Joshua Hamer says:

I just got back from the range trying out your advice, and it was a ROUSING success. I had just done an ab and core workout so I tired easily, but I was definitely hitting more shots straight and true. I even enjoyed hitting my driver for the first time EVER. Thanks so much Mark!

Keenan Halmshaw says:

Are you now using the mizuno jpx 825 driver ?

ThizzleDance10 says:

Great video as always Mark! You made a video a while back about setup position and posture, with driver vs. irons. I can't seem to find the video again. If anyone knows the name of the vid please let me know. Thanks

Christian V Petersen says:

what is your opinion on golf-fitness? Both during and off-season? Can you recommend a program or set of exercises?

Wally17 says:

I finally got a device that can use your app so I was able to buy it! I have been wanting to do so for a while. I will leave a review soon of it on itunes. Also, another great video! Whenever I'm feeling bad about my golf game or golfing abilities, I always come watch your videos and they get me back on track.

theMANxGOLFER says:

Great video. Definately favorited. I notice the left pocket method is giving me some pull hooks. Looks like I need to get my coordination figured out. My irons have a very negative angle of attack. Should I consider changing my swing a ton every time I take the driver out? How can I establish consistency between the two swings?

Steve Evans says:

Excellent! Now I Knox why I'm skying my drives I'm hitting down and not up. Can't wait to get that left pocket nice and high on the range. Just bought app as well. Thx for your efforts and … Fumms up!!!

grumpy2159 says:

Good vid mark. Anyone getting withdrawal symptoms with this rain?. What's your opinion on the long putter ban? Way overdue. Rocket blades review?

gbvoul says:

Doubt it. He bashed their previous release pretty hard.

itubeutude says:

20:19 what application are you using?

Javier Getenay says:

Are you going to try the Cobra AMP cell Driver ? Love the vids Dont stop 😀

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