The Most Important Golf Swing Release

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barry nicholas says:

Don't roll your wrists, this doesn't happen if you want a good solid strike.

Rob Tol says:

I like your humbleness :-))

Woden of the Angles says:

This is quite possibly the most profound golfing video I've ever watched. One thing, is it easier to release later with a stiffer tip? Thanks for the excellent video.

Core52 Rivas says:

Great video. I hope it helps alot. It was only till this season I really started working on this concept of rolling the wrists. However one of my biggest faults in the golf swing has been a severely shut club face at the top of swing. I used to have a really strong grip and have been working on a more neutral grip. I now have a more square club face at the top but now have too weak of a grip and am sending every shot to the right or pull slicing my shots. my question is how do i go back to a strong grip without having a shut club face like in the past.

Ryan Bellamy says:

I like the swing plane arrow and the target arrow you have , I want to make one , very nice

Ron Cooney says:

This is really good and informative.  What I especially
like about it is that it tracks exactly with what Martin
Hall calls "EDPU"  (elbow down/palm up) for the left
arm/hand on the through swing.  Excellent material,
well presented.

steve Nguyen says:

Mr. Montague,  this is the best explanation on the release I have ever heard.  Look forward to trying it out.

Dan Channer says:

Good vid. Would suggest that the "square to square" method is flawed.

nst779 says:

Thanks it works wonder for me. It corrected my previous misconception about how the club works and I am now hitting good solid shots with ease.
It is a matter of everyone's own try and error to fine tune the timing of the row over.

Emily Paharik says:

what part does the right arm play

e james says:

the problem for 90% of golfers is that the handle is moving backward at impact. In other words,most golfers swing over the top. Those issues need to be addressed first before getting into the finer points .

TheNYgolfer says:

Golf is full of compromises. TGM calls this horizontal hinging and is the purest way of compressing a golf ball. However the timing element required makes it difficult to "master" , even for professionals. High soft shots are the reward. "Angled hinging" aka square to square , requires less maintenance and results in a lower trajectory (due to less spin) .It is a great way to play in the wind and the accuracy factor makes it great for the short game. Distance often is greater due to low trajectory , lower spin , which gets the ball down and running. Hard to hit high soft shots with long irons though. So pick your poison. My suggestion is learn BOTH methods and use both depending on the shot needed. If I had to chose ONE over the other I prefer the greater accuracy and less maintenance of angled hinging .Trevino, Duval , Zach Johnson have done well with it.

golfinguna says:

excellent instruction. to those who say they have no time to practice I say take up fishing. You cannot excel in any sport if your too lazy to put in  the practice. instead of sitting watching TV all night buy yourself some plastic balls and whack them around the house??????

bobbie bobbejaan says:

Good luck getting handicap golfers to do this. There is a much easier method out there called Square to Square. Much easier to repeat

Ahmad Ayach says:

I find your lessons are fantastic !!!!! 6 handicap. love your right knee tuck behind left  kept me from over rotating hip ..

jason stanley says:

The point I'm making is that tiger and Phil both dump the club at the ball, I'm suggesting there is a better and consistent method for the golf club player . Good luck with your teaching .

jason stanley says:

Your right Takes a lot of practice, but I don't have five hours a day.if tiger woods and Phil and co can't always get it right than the average player has no hope, this way has a lot of power but it's not very consistent , bit a luck required. Not criticising in the way you are wrong, as this is the modern teaching and a way to hit the ball.

jason stanley says:

Dumping the club at the ball this way takes very good timing

Matt Edwards says:

Great explanation, I constantly push the ball due to bad release so will be working on these points, cheers

colby blasenak says:

I agree…u have to define it a tad better imo. U are telling people to roll the wrist over which is correct but there is a huge timing dilema that u have not addressed. Most high handicappers will take this advice and start snap hooking shots left and right.

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