Tiger Woods near perfect golf swing as analyzed by NBC & ModelGolf (http://www.ModelGolf.com/)

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PGA Pro Tiger Woods near perfect golf swing, as analyzed by Gary Koch of NBC Sports using ModelGolf
patented ModelOverlay video golf swing analysis technology.


Ashton H says:

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Ashton H says:

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Eka E says:

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Camore M says:

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Skyler Parker says:

I`ve been playing golf for around Twenty years, struggling to break 90. I was not able to attain an exceptional round for the last 3-4 years until I finished reading through these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I have been striving with my irons (driver OK but not much distance).

Shelton Shealy says:

Wrong about the slump😂

JayZoop says:

This model is good for studying fundamentals of the swing. At the same time the perfect swing is different based on your body type.

Andony Poma says:

does the front leg move in a golf swing?

aluntom88 says:

The human body is not like a robot so everybodys swing is like there fingerprint

tiger_balm_chest_rub says:

Alright, who the hell disliked this video..essentially perfect positions throughout the swing, he is better than the "perfect" model!

Theguitarwhiz says:

Holy shit I do the same thing as tiger! I'm 16 hitting a drive about 250 yards ( not bad considering I've only been playing for a few months' but my poor shot is a push to the right too! and i hook the ball, (less common for me now doe thankfully!) 

Michael Lee says:

Stupid. Don't make sense

Fred Guzzo says:

good analysis!!! was wrong though about Tiger's slump not lasting though lol

Kibbs Osafo says:

Good jobs love u fans

June-Ho Chung says:

I think that tiger's grip was too strong with butch harmon and too weak with hank haney.

Tyler Finley says:

The host's last sentence was prophetic.

lutherkentfan says:

Those will be equal in the long run.

Jeff Bennett says:

Haha what a year for rory…not

Justin Kallmann says:

nah, tiger has the best swing still

Zach Bothwell says:

ya he most closely resembles the model cause i was most likely designed after him

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