When Tiger Woods Used to Have a Great Golf Swing

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Back in the day, Tiger Woods was the best of the best, but what happened? Well, if you’ve seen my video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOhjIRQquhM
you know that I predicted Tiger’s back would be injured by the swing changes he was making with Sean Foley back in December 2010. A lot of YouTuber’s out there thought I was nuts back then, but the simple fact of the matter is when you look at the golf swing through the objective eyes of RotarySwing, it becomes very simple to understand where golf swing injuries come from.

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Jason Mitchell says:

Hate to split hairs or sound argumentative, but sincerely trying to grasp the idea…I quickly found a half-dozen swings of players who are arguably better ball strikers than Tiger with their shoulders level to right shoulder slightly down like yours at last parallel.

Scott C says:

Weird your hands would end up too far ahead of the ball with that left shoulder move. I would think it would make it harder to get forward shaft lean. Can't wait for DTL

Scott Sanders says:

Great video Chuck! Is this Tigers swing w/ Haney or Butch that you are replicating? Thanks

Scott C says:

This is a such a great video because you basically outlined the faults that have ruined my game. I am a member could you just tell me the best place to start? Major fault is throw from the top and dropping the right shoulder hence never getting onto left side.

Jason Mitchell says:

Very informative video, thanks! With my early extension and lack of rotation, my right shoulder is too high. And if I'm hearing you correctly, you're right shoulder isn't getting too low, it's just getting too low too early/too quickly.

Ivan Torres says:

Hi Chuck, great video! Got one question: I always thought that the right thing to do is to move the shoulders up and out. Does that mean that shoulders stop in that angle? What's the right shoulder movement? Do you have an RST video that you can point me at to check the right move? Thanks!

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