Why Take Three Day Golf School Lessons And Not Hourly Golf Instruction?

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Some comments on why its better to get golf School instruction instead of hourly lessons Why attend a three day school ?

Why not take periodic lessons instead?

Comments from Bruce Baird, Founder Nationwide Golf Schools

Why attend a 3-day golf school? Why not periodic lessons instead?

The simplest answer is that hourly lessons do not allow for an

integration of the specific techniques required for consistent

ball striking.

Significant improvements in physical activities requires constant

repetition to achieve muscle memory. Many physical and mental

changes take up to 21 days to become habit which may take 5 minutes

to be understood.

Ingrained skills are necessary for a repeating swing. Five hours

per day of such repetition enforces this learning process.

Individual 30-45 minute lessons don’t make for lasting improvement.

A school atmosphere is focused, more formal in nature, and removed

from the distractions of the normal golf environment.

A strong student commitment to change is characteristic of school students

Most important our staff removes the mystery from the golf swing.

By simplifying golf theories, and using the player’s existing abilities

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